Something weird I noticed about Cloud
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/29/12

I watched Advent Children a couple weeks ago and I started to wonder about who voiced Cloud. It was kind of a shock, considering that my mom watched that actor on General Hospital for 20 years. Anyway, I noticed that they kind of look alike.
Here is a picture of Cloud:

And here is a picture of Steve Burton, Cloud's English voice actor:

Does anyone else see it?
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Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/11/12
Hahaha I can see what you mean just a litle bit. The features aren't really the same, though! If anything, I'd say the looks of Cloud are tweaked from Burton, if anything. Butttt at the same time I don't think a lot of it was based off of Burton. BUT I CAN SEE WHAT YOU MEAN A LITTLE haha. Oh, and this is pretty awesome:

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Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/12/12
I see two guys standing in the same position with no matching distinguishing features. I highly doubt SE decided to base Cloud's design off of a voice actor completely irrelevant to their source Japanese version.

On the other hand I could see them basing Cloud's design off of his Japanese seiyuu Takahiro Sakurai. I see it mostly in the eyes.

Regardless it's still a very loose comparison. Considering Cloud has been around long before he had a voice actor of any sort most of his design is either baseless or off of some other completely unrelated medium.
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