Why in anime do people get sick so easily?
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/29/12
Leave a window open, sick. In the rain for more than 2 minutes, sick. Wet clothes, automatically sick. It seems like characters in anime get sick on a dime and not only that, they develop deadly fevers that last all for a night.

So, I guess I'm curious, is there truth to this trope found in anime? I've always wondered but never found a concrete answer as to why this is. Do people in Japan really think they'll get sick that easily?
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/30/12
It's mostly just a plot device. Protagonist / love target gets sick, they get taken care of by the "lover" and progress their friendship/love - alternatively the comic relief.

You have these certain types of .. scenes if you want, that anime shows VERY often take use of.

Beach/pool scene, sickness/deadly sickness scene, walk in the forest/park/jungel/whatever with some arm-holding and whatnot scenes... And so onwards, you get the idea.

In general, I would just say it is a weak plot device commonly used by average writers.
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Posted 11/6/12 , edited 11/6/12
AHTL knows what's up. Having wintered in Japan, I don't believe that the locals are any more likely to get sick than anyone else around the world.
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Nun Ya
Posted 12/18/12 , edited 9/21/16
I honestly thought it was because Japanese people have poor immune systems...
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Posted 12/19/12 , edited 6/14/18
A lame plot device, but it made me think that native-born Japanese people living in Japan really did have such bad immune systems and the manga/anime writers were just writing what they knew. WTF?
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Posted 12/24/12 , edited 12/24/12
Also, Japanese people tend to stay home from school even when they have something as minor as a cold. Not always, but it happens a lot.
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Posted 1/22/13 , edited 1/22/13
I don't know, at the university I'm staying at most people just braved it with face masks when they got cold. But standing out in a typhoon in summer isn't going to get you sick. Living you window open in winter might, but that's true for any country probably.
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24 / Ohio, USA
Posted 1/23/13 , edited 1/24/13
I sleep with my window open all the time and I live in northern Ohio haha. I agree that it's used as a plot device but, with the sale of antibacterial hand sanitizer going up within recent times and this flu season supposedly being the worse we've had in a while, I think it might also be the weakening of immune systems that are no longer exposed to all of the sickness they used to be.
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Posted 6/25/13 , edited 6/25/13
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