Ixion Saga DT
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Ixion Saga DT (Dimensional Transfer)

Genres: Action, Fantasy and Comedy

Summary: Kon Hokaze is playing an MMORPG, where he receives an out of the blue request from a female character in the game. While talking to the girl he starts to believe that his at last found a girlfriend (even if it is just online), but suddenly his transported into another world called Mira where by chance he saves a young princess by landing on top of her attacker with his chair. Completely clueless of how he entered the world or how to get back to his own world, Kon tags along with the little princess and her two bodyguards while being hunted by a militant faction from the princess's country seeks to capture her before she can complete her arranged marriage and bring peace to the land.

Kon Hokaze:

A hard-core video gamer who also is obsessed with woman, Manages to get the "Alma Gear" sword, which is capable of transforming into a giant hammer with jet boosters after beating ED. Given the nickname "DT" by accident (stands for "doutei" in Japanese means "male virgin"). Has a funny yet slightly perverted and chivalrous personality.
Has black with a shade of dark turquoise hair and light brown Eyes.

Princess Ecarlate:

Ecarlate is the Princess of St. Piria, aged only 8 she is already set to be married to Lord Jugglaburk of the neighbouring country to bring peace to both sides. Although only a child Ecarlate has a very forward and direct personality, of course being a princess her will is usually done. Has a blonde curly pig tail and green eyes.


One of Princess Ecarlate's bodyguards, Mariandale is a transvestite maid who wields akimbo pistols and has a very calm personality. Mariandale has green hair and purple eyes.


Princess Ecarlate's other bodyguard, Sainglain is a legendary swordsman who swordsmanship is unrivaled has a serious personality and puts the princess's protection above all else. Sainglain has a big muscly body with black/navy hair and red/brown eyes.

Erecpyle Dukakis:

Erec is the leader of a militant faction chasing the Princess before she weds and bring peace to the land. Erec originally wielded the "Alma Gear" sword before being defeated by Kon who kicks Erec in the nuts so hard that his nuts have to be removed leading to Erec swearing vengeance on "DT". Erec has grey/silver hair styled and Blue eyes.

Erec's Lieutenants:

Consist of Leon, Gustave, KT and Variation who was defeated accidentally by Kon when he fell into the world.

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Very funny show. Haven't finished yet though xD
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