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Obviously for NPCs created for the group, remember they are not MAINS so either they serve as once in awhile joining characters (in battle); or characters that, depending on my opinion (PM me), that can be mains but don't participate in battle, OR just supporting roles that may or may not impact story. I prefer if you PM me the characters before signing them up please. NPCs that I have allowed to be mains for Story purpose will be in Active List but marked as NPC

ALSO: if people who are on the "SAFE list" (checker Character Roster page) want to create an NPC to enjoy the RP a lil and help out, without having to be main and worry about activeness. They'll be moved to both SAFE and NPC list.


Relation: (Relation to your mains, Y/N, if Yes then tell how)

N P C s

Eleanor "Ellie" Torres - MadSauce
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[I know I should have posted this before using Ellie, but she kind of wrote herself, instead of using a generic nondescript character]

Name: Eleanor 'Ellie' Torres
Age: 53
Race: human
Occupation: jewelsmith [her husband is in charge of the store that sells her creations]
Weapon: none, but she's damn accurate when throwing chisels.
Abilities: none
Relation: Kind of like a surrogate aunt to Ryan
Little is actually known about her, she moved to Stratos 28 years ago, worked with Ryan's uncle for a bit, before meeting her current husband, Evan Torres 4 years later, and opening a store together with him 16 years ago.

While somewhat quick to anger, she's an overall good, if not somewhat rough/blunt person.

An older version, less skin-showing [Ugh... Need. Brainbleach, she's 53...] of the woman below, she usually ties her hair back.
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Name: Tomo
Age: 19
Race: Summoned Beast
Occupation: Researcher
Weapon: None
Abilities: Healing [Currently Forgotten/Sealed]
Relation: None
Bio: Tomo, in his world, was originally summoned by a top summoner. But soon after, the summoner died, and Tomo was disabled from using any of his skills. He can't even remember the spells to use his healing abilities. After finally getting accustomed to the new world, he's taken in by Atheos.

At Atheos, he hides in the ruins and does research. He dislikes going out, since he's worried about being hunted and sticking out too much, so he gets his supplies from other sources. He's very calm and collected and nice, he may seem a little out of it but he's reliable.
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