Horror Stories
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I've read one of this story in Facebook... It creeps me out >_<
This is an urban legend about the infamous HIMURO MANSION

Haven't played the game "Fatal frame".. But as far as I've read everything... It's so scary >_<
Turn off the lights when reading this one, okay?
Happy Halloween..
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lol I cant believe there is some history like that in a video game >.> that is creepy XD , I guess not everything is made up by the developers : ) thats a pretty interesting urban legend
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CarboKill wrote:

When I tell ghost stories, I can't help sounding like an obnoxious shithead. (Although it could be argued that that's normal for me HOHOHOHO)

Anyways, your story shit me up, and it's 10 in the morning. Bloody shivers.

You can say that!
It's 6:00 pm here in my place and its getting dark
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"So ur wit ur honey and ur makin out wen da phone rings. u anser it and da voice sais 'wat r u doin wit my daughter???' u ask ur girl and she sais 'my dad is ded'. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?"

Nah but enough silliness, I got one for ya -

"A couple of years ago, my upstairs room was being redecorated so I was moved to our downstairs spare. Some nights it was very bright outside, I guess the glare from the moon must have had the perfect angle to project on to my window. I started seeing shadows in the light projected on to my curtains as the full moon approached and the light got brighter. There was one shadow in particular I couldn't make out - a huge hulking figure with a limp. You'd think that something so big limping around would make some sort of noise but I'd never hear anything.
I was laying bed one night watching these images, usually I'd ignore them - there couldn't be anything out there, it was totally irrational. But tonight some weird mindset took over. The figure stared to walk by the window as before, but I started to rise from bed determined to unveil what was probably just a tree. Yet, as soon as I moved, it stopped. The figure stopped and turned toward me. This was no tree this I knew and fear took over.
Those few seconds felt like hours, sat frozen staring at the window while the silence was only broken by the loud ticking of the grandfather clock from the hallway. The unnaturally loud ticking.
Eventually whatever it was left and the ticking quietened, but I lay awake for the rest of the night with one eye on the window.
Next morning I was determined to believe it was only a dream and with my room nearly finished I was determined to sleep out what was probably my last night in the room.
I couldn't sleep that night, I could see the figures but this time I lay still as stone in silence. The clock was tick-tocking again - louder and louder as the figure approached my window, as if to peer in. I held my breath, daring not to even close my eyes. But again the figure faded from sight and the clock returned to normal. Needless to say, I never slept in that room again.

I have no idea what that... thing was nor what it wanted. But the fear it struck makes me think it wasn't kind. All I know is that grandfather clock may just have saved me - screaming warnings at me when I couldn't have known. I still listen for it in the dead of night, and you should too."
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This one is one of my friend's horror stories that he told me about his old house.

Being pretty well-off, his parents and he lived in a 2-story house. The floor was black marble. So were the counters and everything. The house's interior was pretty much a shining black. All the rooms were customized and the hallways were lined with ornate mirrors and paintings. The mirrors worked well to reflect the light to illuminate everything, as did the floor.

When it was dark however, the place looked like a gaping void. The black marble made the darkness seem deeper, more menacing, like a dark sea.

One night, my friend was walking down the hallway from his room toward the bathroom. The bathroom light was on and the light in his room was on, but the light in the hallway was off. He told me that he walked by a large mirror in the hallway on the way to the bathroom. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a reflection of someone in white walk past the mirror just as he did.

It wasn't his reflection. He was wearing a red shirt and some black basketball shorts, and the opposite wall had nothing hung on it. Creepy.
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Those are creepy..
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Speaking of Sleep Paralysis...

There was one time very early in the morning after my ex and all our roommates left for work and I had settled back to sleep that I started to feel something weird on the edge of the bed, like something pushing down on the mattress. I woke up slightly but didn't see anything so I shrugged it off and fell asleep again. Soon after I felt myself start to slip towards the edge of the bed, It was so slight I almost didn't notice it at first. Then I felt it pull me harder, large hands around my ankles. My eyes where open at this point and all I wanted to do was scream, I struggled internally trying to yell. I felt my feet go over the edge of the bed and I was finally was able to break out and I sat scrunched against the wall at the head of the bed for a good 10 minutes or more after that.
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Long ago, man entered the world. She's been weeping ever since.
The end.
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