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Is this story fake or real?

Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12
Any "single mom" dumb enough to do that is evidently one of those ghetto trash moms who hide behind motherhood as an excuse for everything they fuck up on in their life.
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12

deejayvee wrote:

blackguitar wrote:

bingo666 wrote:

Probably fake, since it was posted on reddit.

I think being a single mom definitely entitles you to leeway in a lot of places in life, but this obviously isn't one of them.

Oh come on. Single mothers typically choose their douche bag, sperm donor love interests. They lied before pregnancy stating that they found Prince Charming, but they really dredged the bottom of the barrel for scum they could "fix."

It's simple attraction for bad boys which sways these poor, unfortunate women. Maybe they were victims of abuse as children.

I do, however, feel sorry for them, but likely not enough to date them where I would be constantly compared to the previous lover, hence the inevitable undermining of my own confidence for no good reason.

Do you hate women that much? Shit she was talking about single mothers, not random sleep arounds. how the hell did it go from single mum to abuse as a child.

Not all single mums are single because they chose the "bad boy"

Have you been rejected so much that your first response to a simple message like that is to have a sook about single mothers.

"Likely not enough to date them". as if they would want someone with their head stuck up their arse.

Misogyny isn't my stand. Its not my fault they want head-stuck-up-their-arse men. Girls go gaga for shitty guys. The bad boys. The vampires. Those who appeared to have overcome death. Hardasses. Anti-heroes. Those they call "projects" that they want to fix.

These claims of mine will be met with baseless attempts at rebuttal with phrases amounting closely to pitiful, often-spouted dialogue such as; "that's a lie! All women are really looking for Prince Charming." Or; "I thought he was a good man, but her turned out to be a fake."

Fakes. All the good men get called fakes, because of this number one reason; women don't want good men. Good men bore women. They create no attraction. A "good" man is a pushover. He'd accommodate the needs of any woman who'd give him the time, thus causing her to see him as a man without any confidence (albeit sometimes overly much) in himself. These are the nice guys, and nice guys never finish. Never. No matter how much women tell them (while on their backs after negotiations at watering holes for hookups) how lucky they are to see them naked.

Personally, I will never blame the nature of women on women. If they have to be so alien and incomprehensible, that's not something I can change. It's like telling water not to be wet.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more "misogynistic" posting to do, and I also forgot to whip my sex slave, because at least she listens.
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Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12
Well I can understand not leaving a tip if the service was horrid or if it was like a $10 meal and you just really didn't have the extra cash but to pay $140 on a meal and not leave a tip is tacky. I hate the tipping system in America but don't take it out on the honest good servers that are actually working for their tip.
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Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12

I really hope you are not talking about all us woman b/c I know I am not like that at all I am dating a nice guy he nothing like this bad boy you speak of to me a bad boy is a turn off for me. I love my bf very much and wont trade him in for nothing he very sweet, nice, and caring. If you dont believe me just check out my profile or even my photos and just look for the album that says tony and me. idk where you live and if thats how it is where all girl where you live is like that but where i live its not all true here. sure there are some girls that do go for the bad boys but i have not met any that like that here. so plz dont say all us girls/woman are like that.
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12
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