The band that made you love music.
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This is not a "whats your favorite band/artist/singer/guitartplayer/whatever" thread.

The question is "What musician/band made you love music?"

I'm talking about the band that inspired you to maybe pick up an instrument and take lessons, or start singing in the shower.

For me it came rather late in my musical adventures through life. It was Gaslight Anthem to start, but I quickly found others like We Were Promised Jetpacks, Mumford and Sons, and Chris Thile. These are the bands that inspire me to play folk rock, punk, and even bluegrass. I had listened to bands like Incubus, Blink 182, Lost Prophets and The Lawerence Arms, I often considered them my favorite bands, but they did not inspire me to play music. In fact I would say I wasn't a music person until I heard Brian Fallon's (of Gaslight Anthem) voice on their demo of The Navesink Banks, I didn't feel music until I heard WWPJ's "Keeping Warm", and I didn't want to play anything until I heard Mumford and Sons fucking amazing Banjo player.

These bands have shaped what I listen to and what or how I want to play my music. I still listen to all of my old favorites, but these are the ones that define the "musical person" side of me.

So again, the question is what band or musician made you "love music". Do you remember that moment, the specific song or lyrics? Did you relate to the song from life experiences you were going through at the time, or was it a fascination with something alien and new inside of the song that spiked your curiosity?
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Ladyhawke, LIGHTs and Tegan and Sara.
Funny enough I was just having a conversation about her (LH). :P
I've always loved music, and I've always listened to MANY forms, however these bands treat music like something else.
It's not just something to do, it truly is their passion.

Ladyhawke grew up with an addiction to music, drowning in it for hours in her room.
That addiction grew into the passion she has to play it which shows in all of her performances, you can see her just losing herself in the music as she plays.
Fave song by her - Paris is Burning

LIGHTs is just soooo happy when she performs and when I saw her in Buffalo this summer, it was such an energetic performance.
Favorite song by her - Fourth Dimension

And T&S are...well...T&S <3
Favorite song - ....oh geeze.. uhm...
Probably the unreleased version of "Here I am"
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I'll start off with the rather hackneyed mention of the Beatles. Simply put, their music is timeless. It's just as revolutionary then as it is now. Eloquent, raw, truthful and incomparably creative. With McCartney and Lennon at the helm, their songwriting had few limits. And as with many young music fans, they were what drew me in to the world of pop & rock; they hardly ever disappointed. Their songs always had me singing and I still cherish their music today.

Coupled with and whilst working at a guitar shop, the Black Keys are the band that made me want to start playing the guitar. Their music was simple and passionate. I could feel the energy through their albums and it was something that I felt I could replicate. Unlike, Led Zeppelin or other classic rock bands, where you'd ultimately have to be a guitar master to duplicate their quality, the Black Keys made me realize that I could play rock music that was still amazing, even if it was a bit simpler. Their music has probably had the most affect on
how I play the guitar.

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Gotta say I do love me some Tegan and Sara, Ladyhawke i've listened to, I like her but it's not something on my playlist really. Never heard of LIGHTS before, i'll check em out. But I totally get what you mean by it being their passion. I feel like Chris Thile couldn't stop playing if he wanted to!
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I was playing an instrument before even having my own radio/stereo system. So I think I loved music before loving any particular band or artist.
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The Beatles. They were apart of my childhood, and I've always loved music since I was a kid because of them. It wasn't just The Beatles. It was at the same time, The Cure, and many other bands/artists I couldn't name off the top of my tongue. But I've loved music for as long as I could remember.

I want to play the bass guitar, now, but I don't know how I got into it... I've been playing guitar for about 2 years, but quit. I've been singing since I was 12 years old. I fell in love with the bass guitar after I saw Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance jam out to it. I felt inspired that day, so now, I'm saving up for a bass guitar. I know how to read tabs, I know how to read music, I think I can do this.
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It's a cliche answer, but it's Led Zeppelin. Pearl Jam, when I first heard the album 'ten' might have come before that.
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