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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
So for anyone who has watched Garasu no Kamen (Glass Mask) as well as skip beat. Anyone feel like the role of Katsuki that Ren plays is somewhat modeled after Hayami Masumi? The aspects I'm primarily looking at all the layers of taboos that surround that role and main character. They try to keep away and put on a mean front to the woman they love. They have ulterior motives. There is the age gap, etc. Just food for thought. Just finished Garasu no Kamen and the thought popped into my head because comments on the series were making to comparisons to Skip Beat!.
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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/15/13
F yeah. I feel you. I think its actually a throwback to the inspiration for Skip Beat.
Btw. I love Hayami. Seriously.
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Posted 10/27/16 , edited 10/27/16
I do not remember Katsuki actually, but I am reading up on him right now and there does seem to be some similarities between him and Hayami though they are far from the same. As far as I am concerned Skip!Beat and Garakame are the two most popular shojos that involve acting so it is inevitable that they will be compared. I was introduced to Skip!Beat before I got into Glass Mask and I do not think Skip!Beat and Glass Mask are that much alike though there are definitely some parallels. I like both though both stories are a bit unrealistic lol. The characters in Skip!Beat are more realistic though. Kyoko is just a talented and clever gal while Maya is not even a prodigy she has got... some sort of powers to be able to remember every single line and gesture made during a 3 hour play. I also do not think that Kyoko has a strong rival in Skip!Beat, well maybe Shou? But the nature of Kyoko and Shou's rivalry is much different than the rivalry between Ayumi and Maya. so while there are definitely some similarities between Skip!Beat and Garakame I do not know how much Garakame inspired the Skip!Beat manga series and I would not call Skip!Beat a rip off of Garakame either, but I haven't read S!B in a long time.
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