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Easier made.
Raver outfit (1990s style) includes fat pants and tank top. This style is usually adopted by male ravers, as most don't feel comfortable in short shorts/skirts and legwarmers or fluffies.
Crafting: Unfamiliar.
Pants: I do not have instructions on how to make the pants. If someone knows how to make these or has a pattern, feel free to share!
Shirt: The shirt in the photo was bought, not made.

Medium made.
New, 20th century style, home made raver outfit. Consists of a shirt, shorts, and leg warmers. Simple, cute, and easy.
Crafting: Quick and simple. No real needle work required.
Pants and legs: Acquire pants. Cut them Horizontally 2/3 of the way toward the crotch-line (Up by the thighs). Turn the legs upside down and pull them up on your legs, they can be used as leg warmers. The top half of your pants are now matching shorts.
Shirt: Acquire a shirt. Cut it horizontally, in half or 1/3 (depending on the size of the shirt and your own body measurements). Sew in edges to prevent quick wear and tear.

Hard made.
New, 20th century style, home made raver outfit. Consists of two shirts, a pair of shorts, leg warmers, and a tail. Simple, cute, and slightly complicated if you aren't experienced with a sewing needle.
Crafting: Time consuming. You will need two different colored fabrics. Needle work required.
Leg warmers: Acquire fabric. Measure the length of your leg, from your heel to just above your knee/lower thigh area. Measure the width of your lower thigh area. Cut out four triangular shapes (of fabric) according to those measurements (Make sure to add 1 inch of fabric for sewing room later). Pin two of the four triangles together, with the outside of the fabric pieces facing in toward each other. Sew the longer edges together. Cut out a thick string/strand from the other colored fabric and sew it onto the outside of the top of the leg warmer (make sure to leave some extra at the ends, so you can tie it into a bow later; this strand is what will keep the leg warmer where you want it when it's on you). Repeat process for second leg warmer.
Shorts: Acquire a pair of shorts. Cut out three thick strands of fabric. Two of these strands need to match in length, and should be of the same measurements as the bottom of your shorts. The other strand should be much longer, and should share the same measurements as the top of your shorts. Pin the two smaller ones to the bottom of your shorts and the longer one to the top of your shorts. Sew them to the shorts. {Note: Be careful not to sew the ends of the shorts together. It's very easy to accidentally do that because of the shape.}
Shirts: Both shirts were bought, not made.
Tail: The pink thing coming around and pinned to the waist of the girl in this photo is a tail. It was pinned like that to keep it out of the way of the hula hoop. If you want instructions on how to make a tail, send me a PM or post a reply on this forum saying so.
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Here's a how-to video on making fluffies! No needle work required! She used fabric, elastic, measuring tape, scissors, safety pins, and hot glue.

Click the link to see it!
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