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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 1/2/13
Welcome to the Greatest Fighting Group Ever!
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”


Ladies and Gentlemen...
Over the years of being a member of crunchyroll. I have been apart of some the greatest and epic Rp groups. Groups like Samurai Vs Ninja, Red Dawn, The New Gotei 13, Godai, Fight Club Genesis and many others. Now I'm proud to present a newly revamped Battle Grounds Remix. It will have love, honor, vengeance, revenge, sacrifice, destruction, and a WHOLE lot of fighting! So Lets get things started! Battle Ground REMIX Ready GO!.

Da Rules

They are pretty simple and straight forward.
1.)-- Keep it PG13, keep swearing to a minimum. --
2.)--All types of Rp players are welcomed, from experience to novice. Respect & Help out your fellow group members --
3.)-- We Frown upon one liners. Try to make each post at least 3 to 5 sentences--
4.)-- Be dedicated- This is a long running rp so if you join you stay and be active please and thank you. --
5.)-- No killing without permission. God Modding and Power Modding is highly forbidden. After the 3rd offense the user(s) will be removed from the group. If you're not familiar with what it is, refer to the FAQ. --
6.)-- The Creator, shinsonic23, word is Law, what his says goes--
7.)-- shinsonic23 has the right to refuse any profile he chose no matter the reason. --
8.)-- I am the creator without question, and as the creator can godmod if I see fit (Only during archs and story mode) --
9.)-- Most importantly have FUN!--

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility"

This is a List of powers, skills, abilities, whatever you wanna call them. That are BAN for this group. Mean you cant use them for your character(s).

Mind Control
Time Control or Anything like it
Reality Morphing/Control Or anything like it
Completely Immune...Being immune to so many things all around the board that nothing can touch you, NO.
Copy Touch/Sight/Look/whatever, Then there's the, touch to copy. I don't want to see any, I touch you any kind of way and I copied your powers. I don't want any of that at all! I don't want any variation of the capability that allows someone to just copy someone else's powers, when at full extent and such. BUT!!!! You can copy's someones Attacks (Attacks and Powers are different things) but you must have seen and have been hit with the attack at least once. You can NOT Copy Legendary Item Attacks or Bloodline attacks.
Character Creation to Upgrade, I will not allow any characters that were meant to only upgrade your character. I won't allow it, at all. And when I mean upgrade I mean combine.
Weather Control
Divination - Dont know what it is then look it up
Regeneration, some people have been confusing regeneration with healing. Regeneration is when, for example, piccolo cuts his arm off. And like presto, instantly BAM, he's got another brand new arm. Its like it never even happened. Or, your leg gets amputated in battle. And it just grows completely back within a matter of moments, limb, bone, everything. Regeneration also known as instant healing, is NOT allowed in this group. NO NO NO I Dont want any kind of Regeneration skills. Rebirth/Magical Regeneration NOO
Soul sucking
Molecular Combustion is an all around, absolutely no. It sounds like a straight line God/Power Modding capability to me.
Elemental Prowess, the ability to have all the elements in your complete control. This is not allowed unless you have somehow gained possession of one of the items. There is a 2 element limit for ea. character!
Invincibility & Invulnerability

If you have any Questions or Comments or Suggests Pm me shinsonic23
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