The life of a beautiful girl
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Author: Ok before we get into this story, I will tell you this, The story is romance, action, and sad. Very sad, well i hope everyone enjoys it.

Narrator: On a beautiful morning of May the fifth A young sweet kind girl name Melissa, had her daughter and son named Karen and Kyle. Melissa was so happy that she had her daughter and son but at this time she was in the hospital. She was playing with her son and daughter while her husband Jake was talking to the wives family.

Jake: well the children are in good shape and the doctors said that Melissa will be out of the hospital in a few weeks.
Family: oh we hope they come soon, we miss our dear beloved daughter Melissa.
Jake: Also you can visit the children and Melissa anytime except twelve O' clock midnight.
Family: oh my we cant wait to go over there and see the lovely children.

~Three weeks later~

Narrator: Jake and Melissa where getting there things and got Kyle and Karen in the car.
Jake: Dear, do we have everything?
Melissa: Dang, i forgot to get my sweater i will be back
* Melissa runs and gets her sweater and gets in the car with the stuff*
Jake: *follows Melissa and starts the car and drives off*

Narrator: the children begins to cry from the sudden noise of the car
Melissa: shh its ok Kyle and Karen, please dont cry
Jake: *turns his head around* aaw dont cry
*A gas truck comes by and slams the car*
Jake: *panics* oh my God, Oh my God!!!!!!!!!
Melissa: *holds the kids in her chest while the car continues to roll*

Narrator: The car finally stops rolling and Jake gets out of the car.
Jake: *he gets karen out of the car* Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *begins to cry*
Melissa:.....................................................* doesn't say anything*
Narrator: The gas is leaking out of the car while the gas truck is stopped and a man comes out and runs toward Jake*
random Man: Oh my God! is everyone ok? *says in a panic voice*
Jake: no my wife is stuck in the car with my son Kyle, please help us.
Random Man: ok *runs back to the truck and calls 911 and leaves Jake and Karen*

To be continue
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*The ambulance came and they try to save Kyle and Melissa*
Jake: Melissa please make it
ambulance guy: sir please come with us to the hospital
Jake: ok
Narrator: Jake goes with the ambulance and they got to the hospital and they took Kyle and Melissa into the hospital
Narrator: the family of Melissa comes and they are angry
family: what did you do to our Melissa and Kyle
Jake: nothing *begins to cry*
Family: *walks away from Jake and waits for the doctor
ten hours later
doctor: Melissa and Kyle are going to make it
Family: oh thank you doctor, can we see them?
Doctor: not right now, they are in a bad condition. So please wait a while.
To be continue
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