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How to make a Hero

The Hero has 3 general skill trees: Strength, Skill and Will. They will all be explained below, and with a quick glance:

-Strength makes you a better melee warrior, makes your hits stronger, your skin tougher and gives you more health.
-Skill makes your hits faster, increases the damage you can do with bows and crossbows, allows improved archery skills like headshot and disarming. It also makes you able to sneak unnoticed, pick locks or steal.
-Will gives you access to many spells, and increases your Willpower, the energy that fuels those spells.

The Hero can also carry 2 types of weapons:

Melee: They could be anything you would like. Sword, axe, hammer....they can be one-handed or two handed, the first being faster and the second being stronger.

Ranged: They could be bows and crossbows, once again the first being faster and the second being stronger.

The Hero can carry both with him, and switch during battle, realistically though, not instantly.

The power of weapons can be determined by their rank, from weakest to strongest:





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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/4/12
Strength, Skill, Will


Use Strength Experience to improve your Physique, Toughness and Health. Become a better fighter, wield heavier weapons, and protect yourself from damage. With each advance you will become more muscular and powerful.

The Strength tree is made mostly for melee warriors, making them cause more damage with their weapons and be more resistant to damage. It consists of 2 skills.


Physique dictates the force with which you can swing a weapon, and thus the amount of damage you can cause. With greater Physique also comes the ability to wield heavy weapons more effectively.

Physique has 10 levels.


This increases how tough the Hero's skin and body is, making him more resistant to physical and magical strikes and elemental damage.

Toughness has 10 levels.


Work on Skill to improve your Speed, Accuracy and Guile. Become a better archer, a more nimble thief, an agile ranger. With each advance you will become more lithe and agile.

The Skill tree is not only for those who aim to be archers or thieves, but also for melee warriors, since it includes Speed, that makes them swing their weapons faster. It consists of 3 skills.

Speed: Speed affects your agility in combat, giving you a better rate of fire with ranged weapons and higher melee attack speed.

Speed has 10 levels

Accuracy: Accuracy defines your precision in ranged combat, and hence the amount of damage you can cause with a ranged weapon.

Accuracy has 10 levels.

Guile: Guile allows you to move more silently, and according to the level, being able to steal and lockpick.

Guile has 5 levels


It is unknown how Will is created, though most believe it is made from the soul or mind while others think it is from a unique magical trait in the blood. The three facts that are known about Will is that Will is the magical energy that shapes magic into several powers that humans or the Earth itself possess, and that Will or magic cannot be destroyed, disrupted, blocked, or negated except by using other magical powers. People with strong control over their Will power may also bend reality to their own wishes and/or desires. In the Old Kingdom many things like Shards were powered by Willpower. This is another know fact about Will (magic) that people, creatures, enemies, objects, places, etc while a hero's magic might not be strong and their spells not powerful, the raw magical energy or Willpower itself cannot be blocked for there is no substance or material natural or created that is immune to Will (magic) and it's effects.

Spells: Spells are divided into 3 categories, and each Spell has 5 levels.

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