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Kang Dong-won in "Islands" with Ha Jeong-woo.

Actor Kang Dong-won is coming back at last.

Kang Dong-won is finishing army service this month and is about to come back with a movie called "Islands" which cranks in next year. He's been getting love calls from various productions way before this and apparently he's sent a positive response to the movie "Islands". Official contracts haven't been signed yet but it seems like Kang Dong-won will be coming back sooner than we thought.

"Islands" is a new movie directed by Yoon Jong-bin who created "Nameless Gangsters". Every time director Yoon had a chance to speak to the public he mentioned "Islands" and said that he was going to have Kang Dong-won star in it.

Attention is also being paid to Ha Jeong-woo, the 'it' actor these days who is likely to star in "Islands" as well. Known as Yoon's persona, Ha Jeong-woo had agreed to be in the movie earlier. It appears that a synergy affect is to be created with the two outstanding actors.

"Islands" is based on the Chosun times when thieves were widely active. Kang Dong-won is going to be the bad guy and Chugmuro can't wait to see how he will make a come back as, as it is his first movie in three years.

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Alternative name: Band of Theives c/o dramabeans
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wahhh~ kang dong won is finally back!
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Kang Dong-won's come back flick, "Archipelago"

Kang Dong-won and Ha Jeong-woo will be filming "Archipelago".

Based in the late Chosun, Ha Jeong-woo and Kang Dong-won have confirmed to star in the movie "Archipelago".

Ha Jeong-woo, who has been busy with movies "Nameless Gangster", "Love Fiction", "Project 577" and even directing his own movies such as "Roller Coaster", Ha Jeong-woo has confirmed to star in "Archipelago". He takes on the role of Dol Mu-chi who becomes at outlaw from being a butcher and shows the life of pressured grass roots in the 19th century.

Actor Kang Dong-won from "Our Happy Time", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard", "Secret Reunion" and others chose "Archipelago" as his come back flick. He is Jo Yoon, the son of Jo Dae-gam, a candidate of Naju in Jeolla who has outstanding martial arts skills but isn't acknowledged because he is the son of a concubine.

Director Yoon Jong-bin is in charge of this movie and many have high expectations as he is also the creator of "Nameless Gangster" which gathered 4.7 million people into theaters. Yoon Jong-bin cast actor Ha Jeong-woo whom he's been with since his debut and also managed to get Kang Dong-won to join the boat with him.

"Archipelago" is an action movie about a justice group stealing from the greedy ones and sharing it with the public.
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