I would really like it if I could choose with resolution to play on PS3.
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Posted 11/8/12 , edited 11/9/12
My line CAN support a 480p file, but it will rarely stay at full speed. So I get frequent stops. If I could I would select SD format or even mobile resolution.

Also, being able to select resolution will allow my internet line to be able to support both stream and web surfing, but atm it is either watch anime on the PS3, or surf the net.
My family hates that when I watch anime they cannot go on the internet.

Oh and before I forget, would be super super awesome if I could see buffer progress bar.

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Posted 11/9/12 , edited 11/9/12
I would too, given that it doesn't do adaptive streaming anything like Netflix. Being able to happily stream netflix but not crunchy on my PS3 without constant pauses is annoying.
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Posted 11/9/12 , edited 11/9/12

The App does support adaptive streaming. It should auto-adjust the resolution based on your connection.

A wired connection will work infinitely better than a Wi Fi connection.

I'll also pass along your feedback along to the development team.

Please feel free to post future feedback or questions in the PS3 thread.
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