[Share a story] My Milk Rage
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Posted 11/9/12 , edited 11/10/12
So, I want to share a funny/embarrassing stories fell free to share yours also. I once poured a gallon of milk down the toilet in a rage. Why? Let me tell you!

7 years ago.

So, there I was sitting in my computer chair minding my own business. When my grandmother comes in yelling about how i left the milk out. I was about 13 or 14 around this time and and angry teenager. She had gotten rid of my cat a few days ago and I had just be told by my cousin in few minutes ago over msn messager. side note: she hates animals. So, I was trying to control my rage as is. Well, she came in guns loaded. She gave me this huge, drawn out speech about why milk, is a symbol of my downfall in life.

"If you can't put the milk back, how will you raise a baby?"

"Why should I trust you with a car in a few years?"

I understand she was trying to teach me life lesson but, it was never her strength. So, here I am and I don't really care about the milk but, I am pissed about my cat. So,I stand up look at her and say something like

"I won't raise my kid based on lies like getting rid of their pet and not even telling them about it."

Boom went the dynamite

It turned in to a full fledged bitch fest between us with blood and venom everywhere. It end with an epic conclusion of her slamming the milk down on my computer desk saying

"Forget it you are impossible! I come up here to talk about the milk and you argue with me over some dumb cat"

I grabbed the milk. walked across the hall to the bathroom and screamed

"Fuck the damn milk woman! I want my cat back!"

I poured it down the toilet.

We got broke up by my cousin and grandfather. We all look back on that night and laugh now.
Posted 11/9/12 , edited 11/10/12
That's not how you get the sewer pregnant.
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I had sex with Pol Pot.
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