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Posted 11/10/12 , edited 11/11/12
So i was thinking of makeing a blog because getting alittle interested in makeing one,so here i am with a blog,today was just a normal well crazy day,everytime i wake up in the morning it`s like im some kind of drunk person my nephew bothers alot i can`t take it anymore driveing me crazy by the`s like were brother and sister,but we can`t be without eachother. ok about the guy i used to like it started when it was almost the last day of school like summer break and ive just noticed kept stareing at me thats when i didn`t like him at the moment i didn`t notice him that much neither but i kinda thought it was awkward and weird i never had someone stare at me,im skiping to back to school~when summer break was over i thought'maybe he would stop stareing at me today on the first day of school,but after i found my homeroom teacher we had a tornado drill,so when i was walking in line~yes we still walk in line it`s annoying now~and his class was walking out and i felt like i was being stared at so i looked out the corner of my eye and he was stareing at me so weird but i felt sorry for him because it seemed like he didn`t have friends,but after a few weeks it was the weekend and my heart started to lung for him~i know weird but i tryed to fight it off that i didn`t like him,but that monday i said to myself i actually do like him but for a few weeks it was the 29 i think? and my friend knew who i like because i couldn`t say no....she asked who i liked and i told her and she told him...i regreted that but we make our mastakes in now he knows and i cryed that night because it seem like he was irratiated and annoyed when she said that~a few months past and he still thinks i ike him but today i red this story and it taught me a lesson i had to let him go i was still in love with him but had to let go so alll i think of are BOYS! XD sexy hot ones so there you have it my blog feel free to comment no mean comments thank you ^.^~ame/blue
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