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Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/11/12

T R A I N - S T A T I O N

"The place was built along the time Alice had defeated the Red Queen and returned home. It was booming with success. Tiny shops. Mini concerts. Even a food court. It was the hang out of Wonderland. It's secondary title was, "Wonderland Way." Trains were specially engineered to take people anywhere. A few would mistake Wonderland Way as a town, or city. Therefore it was also called, "Stationary Town." Even though it had no residents to house. However, after the Darkness came, not just anyone could ride the trains. Only citizens of King of Cards and captured prisoners could ride. They had a badge to prove who they truly were. Some shops went out of business and the food court no longer sold food. Nor did anyone perform concerts.

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