Why doesn't North America have a mandatory rating system for home videos?
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Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/13/12
We have a mandatory rating system for movies, TV, and games, but not for home videos. Usually, any home video that released by a "big company" has the so-called "Not Rated" although it may have a Canadian rating (in name only). On other DVDs (particularly anime DVDs, they have some kind of rating, and some of these ratings (on Funi's DVD) are inaccurate (Negima!? didn't deserve a TV-MA rating since it was less racy than the 2005 TV series. It would make sense it (and the OVAs) were given a TV-14 rating. Ditto with school rumble S2 and OVAs, and possibly My Santa!, Trinity Blood, Witchblade, and others. I don't think K-on!! deserved a TV-14 rating at all.). There should be a mandatory rating system for home videos.

Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/12/12
Ratings, such as PG-13 or R, are usually for theatrical releases with a few exceptions. The system for televised shows is, of course, for televised shows. Some home video releases may not garner the attention to be given a particular rating by professionals, though content warnings are usually put in place. I agree that some anime series have been given ratings unfitting of their actual content, such as i.e. Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne being given TV-MA, since it had nowhere near the content requiring it.
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/12/12
I was under the impression that processed media, anything going through the proper channels, was required to have a content rating. I can see imported and indie stuff not having them, but...
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