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You may have as many characters as you like, but put each NEW character in a spoiler. Thank you. c:

Character Form:


Character Name:


Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]:


Likes And Dislikes:



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Username: IronFistRoyale

Character Name: Kou Tottori

Age: 17

Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: Uke

Personality: Jaded, humble, frank, oblivious

Likes And Dislikes: Kou believes completely in the statement "actions speak louder than words." So if someone were to say they loved him, he would want them to prove it. Kou doesn't tell people this but he loves kittens. He hates when people ask him a lot of questions and force him to talk about his past. Then people have the nerve to get angry at him once he snaps after keeping calm for so long.

Others: He has physical scars left behind from an abusive relationship.

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Username: SensuallyYours

Character Name: Teo Marcellus

Age: 20

Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: Reversible

Personality: fun-loving, carefree, loud and outgoing but deep down has he retains bitterness from his past relationships

Likes And Dislikes: Music, literature, helping people// criminals, drug usage/abuse

Bio: Teo is a half-Japanese, half-English by descent. He absolutely loves making friends and helping people but that is his downfall. He's too nice and compassionate to everyone and never thought of himself...Making him a vulnerable person when it comes to relationships. He is never the one to hold grudges against his ex but he cannot help but to feel bitterness towards them. Teo is part of the police task force and is always busy. He works as both a civilian police and a special task force officer, he is young but graduated at the top of his class. To keep himself from mentally breaking down, he busies himself with the many work police HQ has for him.

Others: Teo retains scars (both mentally and physically) from his job. He feels phantom pains from the flesh scars and often wakes up in cold sweat from nightmares. Teo can speak English perfectly fluently

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Character Form:


Character Name:Hatsuhara Amori


Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]:Unknown, most probably an Uke

Personality: Calm, quiet, not very social. Articulate and well rounded in both sports and studies.

-Track and field
-Cherry blossoms
-Reading manga
-anything too sweet
-pestering girls
-talkative people

-His acquaintances call him Haru or Haru-Sempai at school.


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Username: -Ribbon
Character Name: Tomoya Jun
Age: 18
Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: Uke
Personality: Friendly, a little too blunt and looks to be in a daze all the time.
Likes: Spicy food, lemonade, popcorn, volunteer work, cooking and baking.
Dislikes: Insects, reptiles, clowns.
At a young age, he learnt to care for himself since his parents were never around. Despite that, he would often seek attention and intentionally get into trouble so he would be able to see his parents. But no matter what happened, his parents didn't find the time to reprimand him. Thus, he gave up and just carried on with his life. Because of this, he seeks friendship and also love but he has yet to find that special person.
Other: He wishes to become a patissiere and is horrible at sports.
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22 / M / loving sebby
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Character Name:ciel nightray


Uke or Seme:uke

Personality:sweet nice shy

Likes And Dislikes:
likes:candy and reading
dislike"scary moive
his family die and he is left alone wih his cousin. he is sweet and love to play and work at a crossdress coffe house

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Character Form:

Username: Yuki-kyo-kira

Character Name: Kaleb

Age: 16

Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: Uke

Personality: Smart, quiet, smart

Likes: Ian, school, science
Dislikes: Girls and boys his age besides Ian

Bio: Kaleb is a shy boy who want to open up to Ian, but can't. His family is not poor but not rich either. He has a brother and a step-mother. His father died when he was 8 in a car crash just after a meeting with Kaleb's mother. His mother was never in his life. His brother is a host so is only around the house in the morning. His step-mother runs a bakery about an hour from the house. She tends to go drinking with her friends whenever she can. Kaleb works at a tea shop near his school.

Other: Kaleb lives next door to Ian

Picture [In Spoiler]: NONE YET!

Character Name: Ian

Age: 16

Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: Seme

Personality: not smart but not stupid, popular with both genders, rich-type

Likes: Girls (and Kaleb) and Porn
Dislikes: Men (except for his friends and Kaleb)

Bio: Ian is somewhat rich. His mother is a famous actress and his father is a CEO. His twin sisters are models. He has a yonger brother who is smarter than even Kaleb. Ian is know for sleeping around, however, he'd only do it once with each girl. It is rare for anyone to be in his house since his parents and sister tend to stay at hotels. His younger brother lives in a seperate building behind the main house. Ian has the house to himself (besides the maids and butler).

Other: He is unsure about his love for Kaleb

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Character Form:

Username: xStormMist_IllusionX

Character Name: Thiel Caidus

Age: 16

Uke or Seme [Does not Apply for Girls]: can be Uke/Seme , depends on his partner, mostly Uke

Personality: Quiet , Sadist, Intelligent , loner and anti-social , games

Likes: Cats, Ice cream , Sweets , novels , blood and gore , video games
Dislikes: Sluts/Whores/Prostitutes , Crowds , Noisy places


Thiel is a 16 year old guy who came from a wealthy family, for his mother is a famous supermodel and his father is the head of a famous company. He lives with his twin sister and pet cat , Siel . He 's always locked up in his room , desolate with anyone else except to his twin sister , whose overprotective of him. He does not mind if people likes him or not , He only despises them if they ogle or throw themselves to them , for he's so popular and also known as 'Sadist-Handsome-Prince'. He's soft hearted when it comes to cats and to his sister. He rarely sees his parents because he's always locked up in his room , playing video games.

Other: He can only be sadistic when he gets mad or annoyed

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