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History Book
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[ S I D E S ]

"We are only here to ensure the human society doesn't kill itself." - Head Council Member
After the economies fell in the great nations of United States, China, Britain, France, and Germany - and a few others -, the world fell in terror. They had no one to show them the way. Soon later, a group of people, now known as the Council, revealed themselves as the "saviors." They made promises in which they kept. They were strict on the human race and soon divised the plan of New World Order after a population boom. If Council couldn't save Earth, then they couldn't save humanity it self. They gathered the chosen 10% - ones who had a chance in society - and saved them all. They were pressured from a long wait of killing 90% and burning the dead. It would be a few years later when the survivors could smell fresh air again. With in the underground cities that held them, an organization made plans on a rebellion. Loyalists don't know who the council is as they hide themelves behind mask.

"We have a strict craving for revenge." - First Rebel Leader
Council outcasted Rebels and forbid them from entering Loyalist territory. However, that wasn't good enough to keep them away. They raided, spied, and kidnapped. Not even the Loyalist Army could keep them away. After getting out of control, Council joined in and attacked the Rebel City. The city took great damage and was never finished being repaired once the Rebels fell. Three leaders gave the orders to all Rebels who graduated at the Academy, an underground training school for Rebels. Age 10 - 15. A short while after the attack on Rebel city, Council took to mind the Rebels' courage and will to never give up. They took action and ended the war. The three leaders, hunged. The academy, bombed. Trained rebels, poisoned.

"We're here to over throw the Council." - Dweller Leader
Dwellers have the same wish, just like the Rebels before them. However, they shall pursue this wish differently. They live in Dweller town called Speria which sits in the cold mountains. No flying machine of any type can reach the city. The Dwellers are made mostly of Rebel citizens, army survivors, ex-Council members, and turned over Loyalists. Not much is known about Dwellers but their quest for revelation has arrived.
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[ S T R E N G T H ]

Council has been known for their use of modern technology. They each have a special wielding glove(s) that give them the power to control 1 element. After the battle with the Rebels, Council lost all military technology except for their gloves. They now depend, like the Rebels, on their Loyal Army, which is now called Armée Grande.

Dwellers are skilled with their own technology. They developed digging machines and submarines. Dwellers are ruled by three leaders known as Protection Court. "No Dweller does not know how to fight," guide book reads "Every living Dweller must fight or be forever vanquished." Tough, they are, on their citizens. Starting at age 5, you are required for training by a parent or tutor.

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[ P O S I T I O N S ]

Head: (unisex | Must be over age 23)
Member: Nagi
Member: Ann
Member: Fuilan
Member: Anastasia
Member: Vellius
Member: Alpha
Member: Matthew
Member: (male)
Leader: Grey
Leader: Jihero
Leader: April
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