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Posted 11/15/12 , edited 11/15/12
Swtor is going free to play tonight, mostly because many players who were former lovers of the'Knights of the old republic' series didn't want a monthly subscription to progress through the story they have been waiting for! Pretty smart move from Bioware to bring back people to their game. Anyone else excited?
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Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
I started playing SWTOR a few weeks before the F2P launch. A lot of people are complaining about the restrictions on the F2P accounts in general chat though. The things people seem to like least are:

Limit of 2 characters
Limit of 2 action bars
Limit of 1 crew skill

Those are the things I hear about most. With that said though, it appears to be quite possible to play the entire story of any given class from beginning to end, so if you're interested in the story, go for it.

Also, if you spend $5 or more on Cartel Coins, you become a permanent preferred member which permanently unlocks a number of features. A comparison of restrictions for Subscribed, Preferred, Free can be found at http://www.swtor.com/free/features

If anyone is planning on playing, feel free to message me for my character names. I'm on the Shadowlands (East Coast PVE) server.
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