Synchronicity: Chapter One
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"Karasu Naze Nakuno..."
Sera rolled over and fumbled for her cellphone from the bedside table, one arm still draped over the pillow covering her face. "Mushi-mushi," she mumbled, groggily flipping the phone open. A few seconds later she bolted up and started to throw on her coat. "Third street from the station. Got it." Slipping her goggles on she headed out, grabbing the key for her motorcycle from the desk. Sera stretched and fixed her helmet's chin strap as she climbed on the bike. As a last touch she attached her transceiver to the lapel of her jacket, muttering, "I'm headed to the site now." After pulling out into the street, she added, "He'll be coming too, right?" A smile, hidden by her posture and helmet, flitted to life for a moment, unseen by the caller on the other end of the line. She glanced back as an RX-7 pulled onto the road behind her and the driver smiled. She glared at the person from beneath her helmet, her smile long gone. "Great..."

With a sigh Amuro Tooru set a tray of sandwiches on the table of a grumbling customer. 'Typical picky eater,' he thought. As the customer inspected the third incarnation of his 'ham and tomato on rye with swiss, no crust,' the waiter headed back to the kitchen to retrieve the order of an elderly man two tables ahead. "Karasu Naze Nakuno..." Startled, Amuro set down the empty platter he'd been ferrying the orders on and dug the phone out of his pocket, flipping it open as he stepped into the Poirot's freezer. "Mushi-mushi... Ah, hai. On the move... I see. I'll take care of it." In a single motion he closed the cell, stepped out into the kitchen, and dropped his apron on the counter. "Family emergency," he muttered. "I'll be back for the night shift later..." Amuro put in his earpiece as he shifted into second gear two minutes later. Just ahead of him, a thin, boyish teen on a motorcycle cut off a blue convertible. He smiled and slowed, contented to inch along behind her on the way to his destination. "All set," he muttered.

Subaru Okiya had finished brushing his teeth and was in Shinichi's library, absorbed in a mystery and a glass of Baker's Mark Bourbon when the call came. "Karasu Naze Nakuno..." Drawn from his book and glass by the tune, he lifted the cell phone from the table beside his chair, pressing the 'answer call' button slowly. "Ah, mushi-mushi... I'll check that out... Really? That's amusing..." He headed upstairs and stood at the window, waiting until he saw a motorcycle pass with an RX-7 tailing it closely. "Very amusing." With a wry smile, Subaru added, "Un, I'll see to it." As he walked down the staircase, Subaru allowed himself a laugh. "This case will put everything into place..."

At the Mouri Detective Agency, Conan's second phone began to ring, a familiar tune pulling Conan from his sleep.
"Karasu... Naze Nakuno..."
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