Hear us out! Do not do the right desicion for the members!
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(Warning: Grammar & Spelling! This is for your own GOOD!)

I must say you did well done on the site. But next time please put it an announcement box so people can SEE what's going on. Most people are complainging about long aviis. How can you not like long aviis whats so important about the site. Do you even think about it first before you did it. Its not right for others know it. Even you listen to the members who is paying. Really really that is so not cool man. Crunchyroll havent change a bit since the search box is gone and the chat box is also gone and the crunchyland avatar that was so cool i really love it alot. Give us 5 good reason why YOU changed crunchyroll.

For once in your life time, let us speak instead of butting into conculsion. How would people feel if they see the avatar size is 200x200. Well they can't cause some of the users quit doing graphics edits before this show up. Not many of us can't control ourself making long aviis its HABIT. Theres nothing else to do. but it would be nice if you at least reminded us how to keep it at the original size of 200x500.

Graphic Groups are for fun to show off and show how others can't help making long aviis. At least let them show how they can be RESPONSIBLE. As a staff or a creator, if you were a creator would you even think about the size for the avatars just for the members to do. "No, you did not do the right thing for them. You should listen to their complaints. You can't do it for your own site. Let them make decide whether or not they want it to do.

Its not fair to others, when you do it to them. How would you feel if your a member of yourself. Would it be best if you let them listen to u. No they wont listen to you!


As for members, if you want to complain make sure to give a 5 good reason why and send it to shinji on email. Mostly they have jobs and college stuff to do. Do the right thing. oh and please DONT COMPLAIN!! T_T i just hate seeing other members complain for long aviis again. At least try have it 200x500 next time not 200x600 or 200x700. Even if your using photoshops or gimp at least try give it to the orginial size or you wil be stuck using 200x200 all years!

Seriously, people. At least stop COMPLAINING ABOUT IT! It would do any good if you keep on complaining about it. Plus they wont change their mind.

To all Crunchyroll
Staffs and Creator.


Hear us out! plz.

(Please do not delete this.
This is for your own good.)

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nice details. yeah you and the staff should at least listen before jumping into conculsions! seriously guys your acting like a kid.

( no offense BUT DONT BANNED ME! coz my father has this tracking device on all my accounts he will be pretty furiously if i get banned on other sites)
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Here is what i type in:

"The only reason why, Is because i alwanted full avatar on my profile. But til that day when ppl in CR starts to complain. Its not right for us, we all should kno about this not doing it right behind our backs. Your doing bad stuff to make others who are good at photoshop or gimp. Its not our fault that we did 200x600px we jst cant help our self. Some people like it at 200x600px but some has to be such a greedy pig about it money. Its nt right about the site and for the rest of the people."
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Shinji can u please change our aviis back to normal we don't like this system "Don't be naughty! Use your square 200x200 avi or we'll make you use Gravatar." please everyone is begging u to change the profile picture upload back to normal. WE WANT 200X600 AVIIS BACK!! People who makes gfxs for us or other people, it takes time to make them and we really love their works on them. please change it back to normal. if u change it back to normal everyone will be so happy. please shinji, we don't like this profile picture system.
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If anyone cared to pay attention, there were in fact rules in place before (and still are) that stated avatars should be a certain limit. This could be found in the CR Site/ Forum Rules located in General Discussion. Of course, no one reads the rules and users ultimately abused it. We’ve had reports of avatars going as long as the entire page. This is why the size restriction was put in place because users kept abusing the privilege to do so. And as messed up as it sounds, being a paying member does not give you the leeway to have say over site policy or rules. Sure you can have an opinion, yet the final decision lies with both the moderators and the administrators. We are an anime streaming site first. You aren’t paying for long avatars you’re paying for the legal rights to stream anime and drama.

Also, the whole “we can’t control ourselves from making long avatars” is sort of a weak point and only proves why the restrictions were made to begin with. Since you can’t control your “habit” we did it for you. If you want to be “responsible” read the rules.
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