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Ok, so before you start reading i guess i should explain a little. Well you know how manga usually start as One Shots and then after gaining some popularity eventually becoming full manga(which isn't always the case).That's sort of what this is.

It's a little chapter i put together to act as sort of a dry run of the series. So what you read, may, or may not include, let alone affect, anything in the final version i'll be posting at a later date. Even i'm not sure. I still haven't worked out all the details. Like i said this is just something i threw together, it is far from a complete version.

In no shape or form am i posting this as a means to get my series popular first(get some sorta fan base) and then create the series from there. I'm going to push forward with the seires in my own time and way, whether anyone likes it or not. I do hope you like it, but if you dont that's fine as well. Well til the series ACTUALLY begins. Stay golden
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A young boy with slightly spikey, sun colored hair makes his way down the school hallway. Nearby people stare at him and begin whispering amongst themselves.
“Is that him?” one person whispers.
“Yeah.” A second replies.
“What’s up with that hair?” another voice says.
“I heard he beat up 20 people by himself, simply because they looked at him wrong.”
“I heard it was 50.”
“No it was 100.”
“How can they let someone like that into this school?”
The voices soon turn into mumbles, until the boy finally turns and glares at them. They talking dies out in silence as everyone pulls back in fear. The boy returns his eyes forward and continues walking.

The young man with sun colored hair is making his way around outside of the school, lost in his own mind.
“My name is Ikeda Daisuke. Ever since I was little people have always called me a yankee, or delinquent. Mostly because of my hair color, this attracts most people to pick a fight with me. In the past it would bother bother me a lot, but I’ve learned not to care what they think of me."

Daisuke pulls his drink from the machine and begins to drink. A shadow looms over Daisuke. He slowly looks up to see a young girl with long dark brown hair falling head first towards him. Before he can react, the two collide; head to head. The two fall to the ground in a daze. The girl quickly recovers.
“Hahah that was fun.” she says with a smile.
“What the hell is wrong with you? Where did you come from?”
“I was walking up there and I kinda lost my balance.” She says with a laugh.
“How the hell can you be laughing about that? You could have gotten yourself killed.” Daisuke says. The young girl simply smiles.
“Tsk. Whatever.” Daisuke says as he gets up, turns, and leaves.
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As Daisuke walks away the young girl follows behind him. Daisuke stops, she stops. Daisuke begins walking again, she does as well. Daisuke, getting annoyed finally turns around.
“What are you doing?” Daisuke yells.
“Following you.” she responds.
“Because I wanna be like you.”

“I want you to show me how to be a delinquent.”
Daisuke looks on with a confused look on his face, unable to even respond. The girl pulls out photos.
“The way you walk around and everyone fears you. The fights you constantly get in and win.” she says as she goes through the photos one at a time.
“How…when…where…did you get these pictures?” he asks.
“I took them myself.” she responds. Daisuke goes through the pictures and finds pictures of him walking to leaving his house, in class, resting on the school roof, him bathing, and others.
“She’s been following me everywhere.” Daisuke thinks with a terrified look on his face.
“So will you take me as your disciple, Ikeda-sama?” she says with another gentle smile. A terrified look still etched in his face, Daisuke runs for his life.
“Wait.” she calls out.

Daisuke continues to run for his life.
“That girl is total stalker, no telling what she just might do to me.” Daisuke thinks. In his mind he imagines the young girl with a blood soaked knife in her hand. She laughs manically before slashing him with it. Daisuke shakes his head, trying to remove the image from his mind. He ducks inside the school and heads to the bathroom stalls where he hides. He lets out a sigh of relief.
“I get it. This is training our dexterity. Going from one place to another as fast as you can.” a voice says. Daisuke turns to see the girl peeking underneath the stall wall with a smile. Daisuke freaks out and dashes out the bathroom.

Daisuke is seen peeking around a corner. He looks around and begins crawling across the floor. It is revealed he is in the school library, with other students nearby looking at him.
“What is he doing?” a person whispers to another.
“No idea.” the other person responds. Daisuke hides behind a bookshelf.

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“I see. We come here to expand my knowledge.” a voice says. Daisuke turns to see the girl on the other side of the shelf. Daisuke quickly dashes off. Each and every place he runs to, the girl is there waiting.

Daisuke stops leaning up against the school, stricken with fatigue.
“She’s everywhere.” he says as he tries to catch his breath.
“That was fun.” a voice says. Daisuke turns around to see the young girl standing behind him, with little to no fatigue. Daisuke tries to get away, but falls forward in exhaustion.
“I can’t take another step.” he thinks.
“Are you okay Ikeda-sama?”
“What am I going to do? This kid is following me everywhere.” he thinks to himself. Suddenly an idea comes to mind. He sits up with a smirk.
“Ikeda-sama?” the girl asks.
“I’m just fine. You were right. All this time I have been training and you seem to have passed my high expectations. So much so that I’ve got a very important job for you to do.” he says. A look of excitement comes across her face.

Daisuke is walking towards home, still smirking.
“That was just too easy.” he says. He thinks back to a few minutes ago.
“Okay. Now I will be putting you to the test. I want to you to go to xxxxxxxxx and bring me back a certain item. Once you do you will officially become my apprentice.”
“I understand. I’ll be back in no time.” she says as she cheerful takes off at full speed.
He returns to the present.
“That should keep her busy for some time.” he says as he continues to walk. He stops. “She is just a kid. Plus that area is far from ‘friendly’.” he says looking off into the distance. He turns back around, “Whatever.” he says as he begins walking again, “She’s not my problem.”

The young girl makes her way to the location, a large warehouse. She looks around.
“This seems to be the place.” she says. Sh0e turns when she notices people approaching. She looks to see herself completely surrounded by thugs.
“Look what we’ve got here. It looks an ‘Onna’ has found her way into our territory. What do you think we should do with her ‘Aniki’” one of the thugs says. The groups of thugs break apart to let through a large, towering thug with long, spikey, black hair. The giant simply looms over the young girl staring down at her. The young girl simply looks at him with innocent eyes and an open mouth.

Daisuke is dashing at full speed.
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“Damn it. Damn it. Why I am going after her? This is all her damn fault for following me around. It was all just to get her off my back, but if something happens to her….” he says gritting his teeth, “Why do I care so much?” he ask as he keeps going. He comes upon the warehouse and dashes in.
“Don’t worry I’m here to save you.” he yells as he burst through the door.
“Hi Daisuke-sensei.” the girl says. Daisuke slides to the ground, in confusion. He looks to see the young girl sitting nearby, surrounded by the thugs. A look of fun etched across their faces. She simply smiles at him.

Back outside, the young girl is waving good bye to the thugs. Tears, pouring from their eyes they wave back.
“Good bye onee-chan.” the hulking thug calls out.
“Ai knew I shouldn’t have even bothered.” Daisuke mutters to himself. The two begin walking away.
“So why did you come all this way?” she asks.
“I just happened to be heading in this direction.” he grunts. The young girl just simply smiles.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot.” she says as she stops. She pulls out something. Daisuke turns and looks.
“I got it just like you wanted. Does this mean you’ve officially taken me under your wing?” she ask. Daiskue takes the ‘item’ from her and looks at it.
“Tsk. Still no.” he says tossing it down. He turns and begins walking away, but comes to a stop.

“So what’s your name?” he asks. The girl smiles.
“I’m Sato Akane.”
“Hmm…” Daisuke keeps walking.
“So should call you Daisuke-sensei now?”
“Hell no.”
“Why not? I am your disciple. It’s only right.”
“I said no!”
“I said no!”
As they walk away the ‘item’, a magazine floats to the ground. On the cover and a boy and girl very similar to Daisuke and Akane. The title “Yankee Weekly” written on the top.

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