Devaluation of Humanity Through Financial Self-Worth
Posted 11/19/12 , edited 11/20/12
It can be argued that having no money makes a person worthless, though it can also be argued that any person who thinks the value of each person is based on the amount of money they have at their disposal is truly worthless.

While money brings power to the table, it can also bring about unsavory qualities. Money can go to people's heads, creating arrogance, greed, and other negative traits. However, it has been observed in those living in poverty a kind of arrogance brought on by resilience gained by dealing with destitute surroundings, and that those who've lived pampered within better developed civilizations are without value.

Should it be the quality of character in people determining their value, or perhaps the bank account balances they hold? Both? Or neither, as all humans are equally valuable or worthless regardless of finances?

I feel that if you perceive the value of all people is based on the money they have, you wouldn't condescend to look beyond their surface. Furthermore, to value people based on their worth in currency is to degrade them completely, and to value yourself based on what money you have serves the same purpose.
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