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Posted 11/20/12 , edited 5/23/16
Hey there, just activated my free trial today, i activated it with the mindset to let it roll over to a proper subscription, i've watched Anime for 15-ish years but have never been able to really do it legally so nothing would please me more than to give back to the creators without breaking my wallet, i am sad to say that i won't let it go beyond 2 weeks.

I am overall pleased with the quality as i did watch the latest Sword Art Online episodes, aside from a few major hiccups one episode at 1080p (got a 1Gb/1Gb connection so it's not on my end) it ran great, but when i went to check for other worthwhile Animes i really didn't find anything i wanted, or rather i did find plenty, but not a single one was available in my region (sweden) and i'll have to admit, not having Magi available in my region is a huge deal for me, it is in fact the title that made me decide not to subscribe.

Maybe i'm spoiled with software like Spotify but i expected you to have more worthwhile content in my region, but i'll give it one or two weeks, maybe it all will grow on me, but right now, just looking at the list makes me sad, so much "bad" Anime, i guess that's the downside if having 15 years of Anime experience, you can tell if you'll like it or not pretty much instantly.

And no, i won't subscribe just to calm my conicence, it did cross my mind a few times but it's against my principles to pay for something i'm not satisfied with.

Don't take this the wrong way by the way, i don't hate this site or anything, i just want them to step up the licensing game in europe. Until they do i won't even consider using this site, i don't mind ads but the SD quality i can't get over.

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Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12

Zaether wrote:
not having Magi available in my region is a huge deal for me, it is in fact the title that made me decide not to subscribe.

I would love to see Magi too. However, Viz Media Europe (VME) has licensed the series for Europe. Unless Crunchyroll strikes a deal with VME, which is a highly unlikely scenario, they won't be able to stream Magi anywhere in Europe.

It sucks, because a Europe-wide license of VME does not guarantee the show will actually be released in all European countries. VME currently only streams Magi in the UK, Ireland and the French speaking countries. It remains to be seen in which countries and languages DVDs and Blu-rays will appear.
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Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12

Thanks much for your feedback!

Passing this along to the licensing team.

Please keep in mind we're a small company and we're still fairly new to this. We've only bee at it for 4 years.

That said, we have increased the number of titles available as well as region availability with every season.

I've made sure that your trial will not automatically renew once your two weeks is up.

Please let me know if I can assist with anything further.

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