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Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/21/12
Don't you wish that companies would start translating and putting Japanese otome games in the gaming market?

(For those that don't know, an otome game is a visual novel that is targeted towards those who want to play a romance visual novel full of dudes instead of chicks.)

Some examples would be:

Now I know that there are some that are already translated like Starry Sky in Spring, Yo Jin Bo,Tokimeki Girls Side, Hakuoki and.... and... well.... that's pretty much it. And only one of those was actually on the market (kind of a tester to see if it could sell I guess.)

I'm trying to learn Japanese, but I gotta say that by the time I can actually understand at least what the heck they're talking about, I'll probably be too old to play these things anyway. Cruel world, isn't it?

Anyway, I just wish more people would want to have otome games outside of Japan, they really are fun, and honestly it would be a lot easier to just buy it in English than to flip through a stupid dictionary every time a new sentence pops up in the game.

Posted 11/21/12 , edited 11/21/12
I'd like to see more translated galge too (like Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai, KimiKiss and Amagami), bringing this kind of games outside of Japan would be amazing.

There're many (but little known) translated otome. If you want you can check this database:
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