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Welcome and Thanks for Joining. Here are a few things you should be mindful of when making your character..

►Be creative! -Make you Character unique and Yours.

► There well be no waiting to be approved. Once you feel your dream character is complete you start Rping and Fighting.

►You Can have as many Characters you wish to have just make sure you use them all!

► AS CREATOR OF THIS GROUP. shinsonic23 IS ALLOWED TO REFUSE ANY profile he chose no matter the reason.

►Any Race from the Show and Manga is allowed here. You can even make up your own race. A few races from the show is in spoiler

►You may use characters from the DBZ show and Manga as well.

►We Do have Preset Characters for this group. That means these characters are for the Main Story Line. IF you would like to use one of this characters and edit them to your liking. ASK shinsonic23. Remember whatever you do with this character DOES NOT effect them in the Main Story Line.

NO Regeneration what so ever. NO Time like Powers. NO One Hit Kill Moves. NO SUPER SAYIAN 4's or beyond Any other Skill/Technique/Power from the Show and Manga are oked. You can even make up your very own fighting styles. But Remember shinsonic23 is allowed to Refuse any Skill/Technique/Powers he chose no matter the reason.

Mostly Importantly have Fun and Enjoy the group. If you have any Questions or Comments or Suggests then ask them on the wall or in the ☆The Fighter's Lounge☆ or PM the creator shinsonic23

Profile Layout

My Creator: Your name screenname
Name: Your Character's name
Sex: Male Or Female
Age: How Old are ya
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Ki/ Aura Color: What color are your Ki blasts and what color is ur Aura (When u power up)
Appearance: Whatca ya look like? Add a picture.
Personality/Bio: How Ya Act, History of your character, Likes, Dislikes, Ect..
Alignment: Good? Evil? Anti-Hero? Villain? Neutral?
Fighting Style: Your Characters Skills, Powers, Techniques, Transformations & Ect...

And Yes you can change the profile layout and make as fancy as you wish.
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25 / M / In my dark world
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My Creator: DemonDante1216

Jubei Hasamura
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The Dragon of the Darkness Flame, Ginko Hasamura
Head Hunting-Main theme-
Played By: carlrules097
Ginko Hasamura - A candle that burns twice as bright, casts a shadow twice as dark


As Jubei traveled the world he defeated numerous opponents making friends, but also enemies. One of these enemies was known as Mad Doctor Maki. The Doctor had been kidnapping citizens of a nearby village for his experiments. Jubei soon however put a stop to him. Thought to have killed him and destroyed his lab Jubei continued on his way. But the Doctor had other plans. He survived the destruction, hardly unscaved, of his lab at the hands of the Burning Dragon. Soon the Doctor established a satellite laboratory where he began crafting a clone from Jubei's DNA with the sole purpose of revenge. Every day as the clone grew the doctor would play a series of orders to embed them into the very make up of the clone. Soon the Doctor's injuries caught up to him and he passed away before seeing his work completed. Months go by as the clone grows larger until finally the computer releases the locks on his chamber and Ginko was born.
Ginko Hasamura
"Blundering Fool."



Shin Muramasa (Biological Half-brother)
Jubei Hasamura (Cloned From)
199 lbs
Hair Color:
Light Blonde
Eye Color:
Ki/ Aura Color
Black, Very much like flames
Power Level:


If Jubei is light, Ginko is his dark half. He seems to foil Jubei in almost every regard in terms of personality. While Jubei is loud and happy with a smile on his face, Ginko reverts to anger and hatred often having nothing more then a scowl on his face. His sole goal is to destroy Jubei, it was why he was created, but not because of some orders or brain washing. It's because he believes Jubei is the inferior being. He feels like Their roles should be reversed, trash cloned from a better man, not a god from trash. Many people mistake him for Jubei because of their similar appearance.

Powers & Skills

Ginko can use Ki which is the base of all the base of all the Z-Warriors fighting styles. Ki also known as chi or simply energy, is the force energy used by the Dragon Ball characters. This force also bears some realistic tendencies being that it is "used" in the real life martial arts, such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi.This force is a tangible energy inside every living being, its major focus being in the center of the body. By drawing it out, a person is able to manipulate it and use it for performances outside the body. Ki can be used for many different techniques. Usually, the more concentrated the masses are, the more time the user requires to draw it out (to "power up"). When a fighter gathers ki, he is able to gain enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and can increase the power of their attacks to inflict greater damage to opponents. Ki is made up of three components: Genki (元気; lit. "Energy"), Yūki (勇気; lit. "Courage") and Shōki (正気; lit. "Mind"). It can also be "positive" or "negative", depending on the user. Because of his mastery of Ki. Ginko can fly and levitate, shoot ki blasts, and move at high speeds and even able to sense Ki. Ginko, much like Jubei and Shin is an Elemental Ki user. Which allows Ginko to use Ki with elemental properties. He can use a Ki called the Ki of Dark Flame, which is a much denser flame that burns much hotter. This power can also burn for a far greater time then the normal flame jubei wields. Some even say Ginko can use other flames to fuel his own. Ginko uses a very straight forward fighting style that has no real origins making it incredibly unique.

Lists of Techniques
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