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Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
The Rocky Plains
It all depends on your skills. faces strait.Get ready fighters. Triumph or Die.

The Rocky Plains's Host, Master Roshi

Welcome to the Dragon Arena, The Rocky Plains. Hey ladies and gentlemen but mostly laides this is Roshi here! Anyway, Here you can test your skills and power against other warriors from the around the universe.

Each battle is one on one. You lose a duel by 3 ways here in the rocky plains. By giving up, Being KOed, or If your fight is inactive for 7 days. Please make sure to put all attacks in a spoiler. Like the ex below. Remember lowly being you YOU MUST have a character to fight with, either from the Dragonball Z anime or from the create a character thread OR from the Preset Threads. And show some class and introduce yourself at the start of every duel. Now you young people go have fun. ANd If your a female and you get hurt let Roshi take care of ya. Hehehe

Make sure when you battle, you to have all Attacks and Attack descriptions in spoilers for each Attack you have just used. There is an example of this in the spoiler.

The Entry Form

Character Fighting As: (Name of who ever your playing)
Anime OR Preset OR Created: (IS this a created character, Or A character From the Show Or A Preset)
Fighting Style: (Name and description of Attacks/Powers)
Duel Request: (Your Desired Opponent. Put username and Character of who you with to do battle with)

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