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Posted 11/22/12 , edited 2/4/13
i found it one the tv IN 2006 OR 2007 i was small back then it was too much violence and i did not watch it but after few year i found it on the internet but know im big its not so disturbing to me anymore
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Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
I watched it when i was littler and i watched it agian once i grew up and its how i got my bro into anime.
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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
I first read the manga. It was through a friend - she kept mentioning it and saying how good it was, but it was nearly a year before I actually sat down and started reading it... then I couldn't stop! It's also the first manga I convinced my dad to read (success!!)
I went on to watch Brotherhood from there... I haven't actually watched the original anime (and I don't think I ever will...)
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Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/27/12
My first ever experience was in a bar. I think I watched 2 episodes while it was on TV. They switched it to something else so I paid more attention to my drink. I thought the 2 were one in the same since i had no idea and couldn't hear very well (politely snockered) so I though.. It was dumb. Then when it was shoved down my throat by my (now) husband I noticed the dumb was taken out of it.
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Posted 2/4/13 , edited 2/4/13
How I found FMA..... I really dont remember well when I found it, I guess around 2009, I found the manga 1st. I read manga at (which is closed by now T~T) and I looked at the recomended manga, thats how I found it. Around that time, the story had only developed as far as when they encounter Greed for the 1st time and Edward is facing Greed, while the others are escaping with Alphonse's body. As some may know, the manga came out EVERY MONTH! And after I finished reading it, I just couldnt help but find other sources, and thats how I found out about FMA having an anime at the moment.

At that time I was still a noob in both manga and anime knowledge. I thought I was really smart, since I not only found the anime, but it was also finished BEFORE the story in the manga (God I was happy, I though I didnt have to wait anymore XD). Later I came to know about filler episodes and stuff like that.

Funny enough, to the people who saw both MANGA and ANIME, you will notice that the 1st FMA anime follows the story of the manga till episode 25th in the anime, thats just before the fight with Greed's gang. The rest was made up and unrelated to the manga, it totally became another story.

Well, and as for FMA Brotherhood, I learned about the anime from the manga years later, it was mentioned in the coverpage of the manga and luckily they had translated it


When I watched FMA brotherhood's 1st episode I was shocked to see it started with a filler-like episode! After following the anime a few weeks later, I found out the 1st episode just served as an introduction. Secondly I found out that some events were left out, like the mining town were Ed tricks yoki with fakegold and the other with the church-thing city and that girl Rose, since they were very similair (almost as perfect) as the manga story, and since fma brotherhood was going to follow the manga right off, it would have been kinda dump to show those episodes AGAIN on air (since they already existed on the 1st FMA).

So as a sugestion to the anime, I would recommend people to 1st watch FMA (watch it till chapter 25th, thats where the anime starts to take a different lead from the manga, or watch the 50 episodes.) And then watch FMA Brotherhood. You will find out Yoki's story and that Rose wasnt that much of a very important character in the story, like they made it look in FMA
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Posted 7/9/13 , edited 7/9/13
My sister and I both found FullMetal Alchemist when I was in my sophomore year of highschool and she was in seventh grade. We used to get up super early before school to watch Inuyasha. After Inuyasha time slot ended, FullMetal Alchemist came on and the first episode we watched was episode 37: The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant, and the Mystery of Warehouse 13 . I had no idea what was going on but I knew one thing: Colonel Roy Mustang= Total Hottie!

After that I waited for the series to finish and start over so I could watch it on Adult Swim. Then I bought the manga and fell in love with the story by Arakawa. Then I heard that FMA Brotherhood came out and I flipped, all my favorite characters back again and following more of the story.

Overall both anime series are really good and are worth watching. The manga is definitely worth reading and joining the fandom is great.

This picture was drawn by a close friend from work. She knows how much I love Roy and Ed. I hope yall enjoy it too.
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