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Black Friday
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
Compared to me you're all worthless.
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Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12

Jdaimond wrote:

Preyar wrote:

The videos are pretty entertaining, but it still makes you wonder why the lower beings shown in them are allowed to live. Kinda pathetic, but I guess it's good to always have another reminder on why this rotten world needs to burn.

Wow, just to let you know your ridiculous ramblings about how you want the world to end and the prez to get shot amuses me on a high level. Your a worthless peice of space and to tell you the truth this world would be far more tolerable if people like you was replaced with what you call ''lower beings.'

just messin, thats something i would say if i was a person like you, but im not im a lower being and i say it proudly.

Again im just joking, I dont even know what a lower being is. Can you define what a ''lower being'' is.

PS i have a feeling that you like colors so i used some.

I think a lower being is someone with a growth problem. He must hate short people. The question is how short?
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