Suggestion about the Status system.
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Posted 11/25/12 , edited 11/25/12
I was thinking that maybe we could make the "status" a bit more interesting with adding some small features, what I'm going to say are mainly from facebook, but that's a "status based site" anyway xD

I was thinking of having something that records all of the status'es you make, like you could go back to see what your status was at "f.x. 7 pm"

Make it able to be longer than it is already, I just hate that it's limited on how much you can write on there, so it would be awesome to have it a bit more space to write what's up. Maybe you could add a comment system too, but I'm thinking it isn't as great as it sounds, because that would kinda ruin it with the whole "having the status written under your post when you comment on a thread"

I would maybe suggest that you could add a "blog system" to the profile, but I don't think that the site is for that, but I dunno I just think that this will make it a bit more fun to use the status bar socially.

Hehe let me know what you think, by the way if this thread has been done, please do not hesitate to delete it:P
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Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/27/12

Please use the Suggestions thread.
Suggestion noted.
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