Medaka box: Where would you stand? Special, Abnormal, or a minus?
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Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/27/12
Which one is most like you?

So are you:

Are you a special?
Are you an abnormal?
Or are you a minus?

Whats your abnormality, specialty, or minus trait?

(A special is someone who is highly skilled at something through practice, hard work, and dedication. They obtain their "Special" trait because of this. Its not a common trait but it isn't an abnormal trait.)

("An abnormal is an individual possessing such overwhelming capabilities such that the individual is unable to control that aspect of themselves and inherently seeks to master this power. An Abnormality is the specific, beyond human ability that an Abnormal possesses. Abnormalities manifest solely as internal powers, and rarely can be projected outside of the user’s body. Abnormalities are often innate abilities, but are not necessarily present from birth, as it often takes a few years for an Abnormality to make itself evident.")

(A minus is explained in the manga. I'm not going to go into too much detail because I wouldn't want to spoil anything for readers, A minus is like an abnormal, only they see the world in a negative way and bring negativity into the world through their traits; Their traits usually bring misfortune to others, etc but its not always the case.)

I'm not sure where I stand on this myself. If anything I would say I'm a minus. Although I myself am not sure why nor do I know my minus abnormality trait.

Anyways.. I was just curious if anyone else has thought about it. Id love to hear feed back
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