Post Reply Make A Dream Catcher [ Ranks]
Posted 11/26/12 , edited 11/27/12

Hello. Are you here? Oh Okay *laughs*
Oh who am I? I am God of Dreams of course. I need your help,
Dreams and Goals are dying, People give up easily, We are losing spirits,
Dream Breakers are filling people with depressing thoughts. We need your Help!

Now Then Whats your Name I should call you?
[ Enter your Name]

Are you a Girl Or A Boy
[ Enter Here ]

Are you sure you would like to be Dream Catcher, after you chose you CAN NOT go back?
[ Yes ,I am [ Enter Name ] Promise I will never go back.

You're powers are unleashing. What Power would you like?
[ Priest, Honesty,Spirit, Warrior, Defender, Balance]

You got your powers. Please PM ( Private message)
IUmiXChan The God Of Dreams the information you have entere

Your Rank is Still Weak, Your powers are yet to be discovered. I see the courage in you. You can change
this world, Please never break your promise, And Most of All Never be A f r a i
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