Post Reply All of You Are Still Weak, But Your Journey Starts.
Posted 11/27/12 , edited 11/27/12

Godess Of Dreams ( IUmiXChan)

I see some people told me they are ready to become a dream catcher, thank you

But even so you can't go battling the Dream Breakers yet. Dream Breakers are Cruel, Nasty, Make you
Give up on stuff, and suffer on your dreams. As soon as dream breakers come to you in your dream,
your hearts becomes to shallow, break, without any hope you eventually become one of them

There is one thing I gotta tell you, young one. When you officially make a dream catchers, you will get a
diamond, something all dream catchers get.. at level 1 you get exactly 5/5 points in your diamond that's your health.
If in the battle You will be killed, I will tell you. Your Dreams dissapear and you die. That means you go back to level 1. Please buy lot of potions. After we reach 15 dream catchers officially made, We will start.

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