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Guild Wars
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M / Sad and Beatiful...
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
Well i used to play it, was also really good, with 6/chars - 2 with fow armor and the rest 60k armor, i think i was one of the richest, was also- rank 6 ..... then i was not online for 4 months, well and somehow every character was deleated, dont know what happened, since 1year or more i didnt went on now....
Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
i have all the game havent beaten a single one. if someone would like to help me my main character is "derv gintoki"
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28 / M / Where angels lose...
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/4/08
Guild Wars was awesome... that is, until I got a new computer because my old one died, and the new one can't run it for some stupid reason.

I hate you Vista, you're ruining my life.
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24 / M / New York
Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08

Shadow25331 wrote:

yea i already have the client but you need an axcess key to play it... which i dont have...

im sure u can find someone willing to give one if u searched around on google
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