Persona x Detective Naoto oppinions and discussion
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Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/29/12
So i did a quick search for this and couldn't find anything related to it if there is already a topic though feel free to close this one...

Anyway i don't know how far behind i am or how "old" news Persona x Detective Naoto really is but i read there is going to be a manga based on a light novel with the same name.

Now being a HUGE Persona fan boy(lol) I am of course massively excited for this and hope it gets a western release so i can buy it, however if it does not i'm sure someone will upload a fan translation version somewhere.

I just wondered if any Persona fan or otherwise had any oppinions on another Persona 4 spin off

Why where at it i'm looking forward to the REAL Persona 3 animation i hear there making too but that's for another topic

Here's the front cover of Persona x Detective Naoto... With a slightly different looking Naoto 1 year after Persona 4

So what do people think?
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Posted 5/1/13 , edited 5/1/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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