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Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/2/12

Hey shoppers <3 Here is a group where you can request bars to help organise your profile and groups~

Here are some examples:

Please fill out a form to request them. The first form will explain how to fill it out, and the other is to copy and paste into the reply~

Name: (Your forename here~)
Number: (Number of similar designed bars, or number of different designed bars)
Colour/s: (No need to specify, but would be useful to say whether it is to be pale or bright. Pattern also goes here.)
Shape: (E.g. Square, Rounded, square with rounded edges etc)
Theme: (Can't be fixed depending on colour, but eg. Anime, cute, girly, boyish)
Additions: (Bows, buttons, swirls,
Effects: (Only necessary if want something specific)
Text: (Add semi-colons between each bar text)
Payment: (Either Invite your buddies OR upload 5 pictures into random pictures album if have already invited buddies~ Screenshots and links preffered, but not necissary)

Copyable Form:
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Posted 12/23/12 , edited 1/6/13
Username: 2426racbuc
Name: Rachii
Number: 3
Colour/s: Anything cute~
Shape: Rounded please~
Theme: Cutesy but bright please...
Additions: Swirls 0.o
Effects: Non-Specific
Text: Hi Peoplez ! ; I Support: ; Bye Bies~
Payment: Inviting now ^-^

SETTING TO WORK~~ from SmurfysterBean75 <3
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