Customs Fees
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/3/12
Hi everyone, I have a question about customs import fees.

I ordered something from Japan and having it sent here in the US. Has anyone had fees charged to them from customs, and if so: do you have to go to airport to pick it up or post office and how much was the amount if you did have to pay?
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/3/12
Never have. Sorry I can't further elaborate from a standpoint of experience. Anything I've ever ordered had no fees applied to them from customs, and I was required to either be present for the delivery at home, or go to my local post office to pickup my item. One example was the Fate VN series.

Near as I can tell, customs duties would impose a 3% fee in order to claim the item(s) from the customs area of an airport if they are held there.
Posted 12/2/12 , edited 12/3/12
i've bought things on ebay from japan and didn't have to pay any extra fee's i have had to sign for it in the mail though
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