[2013 JDrama] Dinner
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Posted 12/3/12 , edited 12/3/12

Eguchi Yosuke to play a gifted chef in new Fuji TV drama ‘dinner’

On November 26th, Fuji TV announced that their Sunday drama for the upcoming winter season is going to be titled ‘dinner‘ and will feature actor Eguchi Yosuke in the starring role as a gifted chef.

The story is set at a super famous Italian restaurant. It depicts all the worries, conflicts and dreams of the restaurant’s chef, the owner and everyone else who is working there. Fuji TV already revealed that there is going to be a collaboration with the variety cooking show ‘Iron Chef‘. In the drama, the head chef (Eguchi) is going to get the offer to appear on said program.

It’s already Eguchi’s second time to appear in Fuji TV’s Sunday 9:00 pm drama slot. In winter 2011 he played a hot blooded principal in the drama ‘SCHOOL!!‘. This time he is going to play a gifted, uncompromising, extremely pragmatic chef who believes that cooking neither needs love nor tradition. Still, his skills are top-notch and everyone loves his meals, which eventually earns him the position of the head chef at a super famous Italian restaurant.

The heroine is going to be played by actress Kurashina Kana. She is playing the daughter of the restaurant’s owner, who has to step in as the manager when her father falls ill. As the young manager she is facing many difficulties, but she is working hard and earnestly in order to protect the restaurant.

Eguchi already loves to cook personally and is receiving guidance by a specialist ahead of the filming, that will start in the beginning of December, in order to acquire the necessary know-how to play this role.

He commented, “First of all it’s a drama about human connections and relationships, so the teamwork of the staff and the cast is very important. Moreover I’d like to show people how great of an entertainer a chef can be at times.”

Actor Yusuke Santamaria is also going to appear in the drama among others.

‘dinner’ is scheduled to air every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. starting in January 2013.
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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
Sakanaction’s new single to be used as theme song for drama ‘dinner

Rock band Sakanaction has revealed that the title of their new single will be “Music“. This title track will be used as the theme song for Fuji TV’s upcoming drama series, ‘dinner‘, starting January 13th.

“Music” is described as an ambitious track by Yamaguchi Ichiro (Vo, G), who commented, “I turned ‘how we should face music’ into a song.“ For its coupling track, the single will include a new song called “Eiga (Conte 2012/11/16 17:24)“. The single is slated for release on January 23rd.

‘dinner’ is Fuji TV’s new drama which will air during their “Dramatic Sunday” time slot. It’s set at a restaurant and will star Eguchi Yosuke and Kurashina Kana.
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