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Need help deciding future job
Posted 12/5/12 , edited 12/5/12
I'm currently in teaching and science (hospital).

I don't find it... extremely satisfying or anything but I don't find it boring either.

My actual interests lie in painting (visual arts), acting, makeup and singing. I'm just saving up money to support my real goals.

My point is, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake for your first job... you can always change into something else when you're financially secure.
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Posted 12/5/12 , edited 12/5/12
Uhhmmm... Wh-what do you mean with 'torturing yourself as a game-maker? ' i want(ed) to become one :3
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Posted 12/11/12 , edited 12/11/12

anime4fantasy wrote:

Heys guys, I'm just thinking that I need to know what i want to do for my future job soon. I am going to do something science related, but IT could be okay.

I am thinking of doing pharmacy. One of the reasons for this is because that the university that i want to eventually hopefully go to, has something called a sandwich year for it. This means that i can take a year off to work in the pharmacy related field abroad (I want to go to Japan) and get paid for it.

I don't know because pharmacy seems pretty boring. Does anyone have any other suggestions that would be good, and that I could possibly go to Japan to do for a year.

After i finish university, i plan to hopefully follow the JET, to get like a teaching degree and teach in japan whenever i go there (possibly).

I am open to suggestions. Also share what you hope to do in the future. Also, if my ideas are stupid, please be honest and say so.

Thanks :D

If you're considering pharmacy, you might want to network and talk to rotisserie. I believe he's either currently enrolled in a pharmacy school, or he recently graduated. He'll be able to provide you more accurate details about what it'll require for you to get in, the course work, and what it's like to work in a pharmacy post-graduation than anyone else in these forums can provide.

As for working/studying abroad in Japan, I think there are several CR members who have experience getting visas to work there and know what it's like to live and survive there for an extended period of time. I've only been to Japan over the course of a weekend, so that's a totally different experience.

What are you interested in doing? It'll probably be very competitive to find work in Japan as a foreigner unless you're extremely qualified. Japan is known for their electronics and cars, so perhaps electrical or mechanical engineering will open up opportunities, although Japanese engineers probably dominate that pool of applicants. You could major in English and teach the language in Japan.
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Posted 12/11/12 , edited 12/12/12
Lol I have the same problem I thought I wanted to do culinary but now that I'm taking classes in culinary I don't like it anymore so I thought well I'm good at science and I always look forward to science class so I am thinking about doing science too but I have absolutely no idea where in science and also I want to live in like an urban city and travel too but travel isn't that high up on my list as long as I have time to travel but if anyone can help me I would gladly accept any help sorry I couldn't be of any help too much
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Posted 2/27/13 , edited 2/27/13
Please use the help thread next time.
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