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Tokyo Jungle
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Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
Thanks, I didn't even know there were any sewers in the game before it was mentioned her Gonna have to check that out when i get some more time.

And I wanted to ask your opinion an the DLC for the game.
Now I know that a lot of people think that DLC is just a chance for the team to get more money, and in a sense thats correct, but the way I see it. It can also be a way of encouraging (if that was spelled right ;P ) the developers to update and continue to work on the game.

But more specifically what I wanted to ask you about, was if the DLC they offer is worth it. I cant rember the price but it wasnt big, now the DLC they offer is animals. you can buy them in packs of genre, individually or in a giant pack that includes all of them. I bought the pack, and what I've noticed is that it decreases the excitement of trying to unlock new animals as you now have all of these different options. so in all if any of you have bought any of the DLC's has it improved/ruined the game for you, or will you not buy the dDLC for some reason?
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Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/16/12
Played as the Wolf today. Got a measly 50-something years. I underestimated the jackals and got a tiger involved in all of it.

I bought the Panda ($0.99) a few weeks ago. It's just what you'd expect it to be... An additional grazer. Haven't compared its stats with the rest of the animals though.

I'm curious about how the robot dog, homo erectus (?), and Business Man work. Robots don't eat, do they? I might buy 'em sometime.

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Posted 12/16/12 , edited 12/16/12
I have all the DLC; I got the first bundle free when it was offered, and bought each of the other bundle packs the day they became available. One thing worth noting is that you can't unlock new animals by using the DLC ones, since each animal is unlocked by another in a chain. So they're mostly just fun for finding the Story fragments, item hunting, etc. But I personally like them, just for the fun and challenge.

The other (free) DLC are the items, and those are great, since they never break. You just have to re-equip them if the current animal in your pack gets killed.
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Posted 5/19/13 , edited 5/20/13
Spring forum cleaning! To keep the forums neat and tidy we only keep 6 months worth of threads since its May 19, 2013 [5/19/13] we will keep only keep posts open from December 19, 2012 [12/19/12]. Please feel free to recreate any thread closed, as long as someone else didn't open another similar one before you.
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