Which part of a video game's story is the most frustrating to you?
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Posted 12/4/12 , edited 12/5/12
Edit: I changed the description a little bit. I was kind of vague. Sorry about that.

Hey guys,

I was just wondering which parts of any particular video game's story you found to be the most frustrating.

For instance, I was the most frustrated with Persona 4. I hated the part where you...(spoiler'd)

What about you guys? Which parts of a video game's story did you find the most hair-rippingly frustrating?
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Posted 12/4/12 , edited 12/5/12
This is a hard question to answer, because it requires a different answer for each game.
I'm not even sure how to answer it, and I've played a lot of games! D:

I will say that a very irritating part of a game's story is when it gets too cliched or predictable. Or when horrible English/Japanese voices are being used. Yes, even Japanese has annoying voice-acting at times. That's why I muted the voices in Legasista. I prefer games without voices, anyway.

However, if you meant an action that the player must undertake, then I will say Corpse Party is ranking near the top for me. That douche bag ghost boy in chapter 2, stalking the living shit out me, is not cool. Also not cool that dying means you must start from the beginning again. Corpse Party knows how to both frustrate and scary you shitless. But it's a very good game. And the voice-acting, top notch.
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Posted 12/5/12 , edited 12/5/12
I'd have to say the beginning, Assassin's Creed Liberation is the perfect example. Starts out you're just looking for your mother, and after running around you just get decked in the face. Then you step back up as an adult and are fighting the guy who punched you and apparently all this shit happened between falling and standing up.
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Posted 5/16/13 , edited 5/16/13
I will answer both questions.

Title Question:

I hate when a game just gives you text to describe what is going on with the story. Metroid is one of the worst perpetrators of it. I understand they are trying to mix story telling with exploration, but it feels so empty. They should look to the first dead space or F.E.A.R. for guidance on this. They use text, but they keep them short and simple to follow. Plus they follow it up with phone calls or video feeds to watch so that the experience doesn't get too stale. That is a much better approach, not just texts to keep reading... and reading... and reading

Edited Question:

In terms of a story that frustrated me, I would say parts of Fallout 3. Specifically I am referring to the relationship you build with Amata. The game has a great beginning and makes you feel like this girl will be an important character. Its one of the biggest teases of all because after that initial beginning, you never really see her again. Only after playing through a good part of the main story do you actually start to hear from her again. Yes the story is rather interesting, but the game makes no effort to advance your relationship with her any further. In the end, (spoiler) you have to be separated from her as she banishes you. It felt like such a let down and the only thing that you could hold on to was her say that hopefully you and her would meet again someday. That was it. It just left me in a foul mood for a little bit. If they followed through, I may have even given the game a 9.5 instead of just a 9.
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Posted 5/17/13 , edited 5/18/13
I dont like it when you play like an action packed scene at the beginning and then it ends and you go back in time >.<
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