Disadvantage of being a member
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12
Being a member has its props, but at the same time I realize there is a fatal flaw. Notice how whenever new animes are uploaded, it will appear under the "all-new anime". For a member, all you would see is the premiums uploads. Why is this a problem? Whenever Crunchyroll decides to upload new series, they are not simulcasted, nor is it under the "newly upgraded" tab. I for one am too lazy to log out to find out if there is a new series uploaded recently. I'm only ranting because I believe this is a problem with coding, and was not deliberate, so if someone could fix this, I'd greatly appreciated it.

Quick Summary (ignore my ranting above):
1. Member only see premium new uploads. (For example: Today's episode of FairyTale)
2. Problem because Crunchyroll upload old entire series from time to time.
3. Unaware of this upload, many members would be left out
4. None of the special tabs in the anime section allow me to see these new uploads (ex. Popular Simulcasts Updated Alphabetical Genres Seasons).
5. See the problem?
6. Don't think this is deliberate. I believe it is a coding problem. And that is why I'm writing this.

OR am I just paranoid? Feedbacks fellow members!
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12
Edit: no problem for me because England gets no old anime catalog entries
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Posted 12/10/12 , edited 12/10/12

We announce all catalogue titles in the Site News. So any new shows we acquire are announced.
On the front page there is a section that says 'All-New Anime'. Catalogue titles show up there as we add them.
If you click the 'More Anime' link under it it will show all titles updated in (I want to say the last two weeks!?)
You can see that Bakemonogatari is listed there. It's not a simulcast!

So, I think it's more just better learning how to announce these shows.
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