Co Op/Multiplayer search thread
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12
Trying to simplify players trying to search through CR (god bless this site) from all the threads i see of people searching because really, who likes to play alone? (not all people i know)

This thread could be used to discuss game game meet ups, Throwing your ID out there, and easily suggesting solid games for people out there searching for the next thing to keep them occupied for hours to come. If you're searching for people to play with, it would really help to be specific with it! Like say you wanted a squad on Battlefield then...try to be like this

Looking for battlefield 3 players to team up with in multiplayer

PSN ID: *example*
Game: derp.
Looking for people to play "derp" to help with *kerblam(?)"

you get the idea.
and this should be reminded but PLEASE put a description if you send a friend request! Nobody can read your mind from a blank request.

With all that said, I'm all for playing with some people from here in any game really. Battlefield 3, resident evil 6, little big planet 2, etc. Really wanting to meet new people on crunchyroll! i know you're all awesome people.

my PSN is VirtuaSnipa. Feel free to add me!

I have to ask because i'm seriously debating this though...but is Far Cry 3 worth grabbing? I'm in a stump if i should cough up the money for it.

P.S. Mods if you think this is too similar to other threads, then by all means lock/close this.
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12
My apologies, but I'll have to lock this. It's pretty much the same as this thread ->
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