Sword Art Online: Better off without romance.
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Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/9/12
Ok guys this is just based on my opinion. Because if I want to see a romance anime, I need it to at least have a nice engaging dialogue. Not some cheesy crap that doesn't even make sense.

"I won't...bother you...anymore..." PFFFTHAHAHAHA! Wow who comes up with this?
"I betrayed my love for you..." My ears!
"If I were to let you go, and you ended up coming back I'd kill myself." The hell!?
And we have more unneeded romantic lines that tries way too hard.

The thing is, I reckon Sword Art Online would be better if it only had minor romance, less harem cows, more in depth story about how Kirito progresses into the game with that depressing "I'm so emo because I lost my friends" crap and to top it off, less crappy dialogue. I don't blame Kirito for being so emo, since he went through some tragic events.

The purpose of this anime is about it being a romance show anyway which actually annoys me to the max since the romance is way too cliche. You guys know how much I hate tsunderes right? Asuna is a big example of a tsundere. Then we have a scene where Miss Tsundere falls on top of Kirito, causing him to grab her small bewbies by accident. Oh and the mama and papa stuff is so unnecessary, it makes me want to barf. People need to realize that Yui is not a real person, it has no self awareness since she is pretty much just a system that was created. Funny how Kirito and Asuna feel like they're family by having a virtual daughter.

Oh thought I should point this out. You know that scene where Kirito gets killed in episode 14, then uses the "POWER OF LOVE" to keep him alive and stab the main villain. Yeah...

So in my opinion, Sword Art Online's potential was just shattered by focusing on too much. I was actually more engaged by the scenes where Kirito just goes around being badass by putting a PKer into jail, tries to save his own party and just fights monsters. But the anime had to follow the visual novel anyway, it's a shame though. But you gotta admit, episodes 1-3 actually caused us to have high hopes for this anime. I'm not saying this anime was bad. It certainly was good on some points. But putting crappy dialogue, unneeded scenes, the lack of common sense some characters have, just ruined it.

So here's what I need you to discuss with me guys. Would Sword Art Online be better if it only had minor romance for the sake of fanboys and fangirls instead of making it the main focus of the plot?
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Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/9/12

Dude. You already have one thread to complain about SAO plot, you don't need another.


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