Anyone play SL on here?
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Yeah I know this game has a bad rep, most MMOs do, cause people don't take the time to play, and everyone that gets into SL usually gets into it for sex. But it's so much more than that. Anyone else actually play SL and not just go on to go to clubs and find pixel hookers?

If so I would love to hear about your experience on there and what kind of life you lead. I've been playing for 3 eyars myself and tend to stay near the family(PG)/realistic rp side myself.

**SL means second life -_-**
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SL? the heck is that....


I'm going to guess you mean "Second Life".
If that is the game you mean, i'm not one to play for those kinds of MMOs. I need things to do in it :O

Oh, and ello neko
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There are things to do in it xD but it's not one of those one's that you start and it's like "here's your quests and here's your options." I mean you could, but that would get lame ._.
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I was on it pretty hard core during the summer. but now my desktop went and borked on me T_T
It is pretty difficult to find things to do and not get overwhelmed or just down right bored when you do find something interesting. I like RP and every time I found a cool RP going through books of text just to get assimilated then getting UIs and all the other junk really just turned me away.
But when I did find some cool people it kept me online through out the day. So ya, only downfall is that you need to make friends.. and I always seem to be the kind of guy who sits back and observes the living hell out of a conversation till he's finally comfortable to jump in. So it wasn't always easy for me.
I did throw some money at it for outfits and hair and just skins and all that jazz cause I really like to look good (but who doesn't, right?). Most of the time I would just hang out in a metal/alternative club just cause that's where I gravitated to when I first joined since it was on the "What's Hot" or whatever tab it was on the launcher after I found a set of free items I really liked. I made quite a few friends and it was never really sexual with me since I have a real life girlfriend and would make it clear since that always seems to be the first thing anyone would ask in SL. When I wasn't talking to everyone there I would search around for some neat areas to just sit around in but I found it hard to immerse myself inside of any already active communities, and all the others that were interesting just weren't active. It was kinda sad but ya. When I get a new desktop I'm thinking about diving in again and testing the waters though.
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I use to go on SL a lot but I stopped once my friends sort of disappeared. I've been on it for about 4 years + some off and on? I really do enjoy it especially when it comes to dressing up my avatar! That is the most fun! I've owned some land a few times built my own homes.. decorated it and such. Usually If I'm not shopping or building I'll just be exploring different places by myself.
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Never, all the rep and there doesn't seem to be enough things to do, mostly seems user created.
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it is all user created >.> it's suppose to be whatever you want it to be.
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I play off and on. If you want to add me kyle278 Chrome (Please message me first)
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ohh second life >.< i have some strange memories from that XD
i dont play it anymore though
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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