Fill My Playlist
Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/10/12
So My iPod has been playing the same music for like >.> 5 months. I'm very slow to grab new songs cause I don't really listen to the radio or follow youtube closely, so I'm always behind on the newest music and trends blah blah.

So what songs do you say I should put on my iPod? Tell me the name and the artist if you can, and maybe even a youtube link to the version you like best? :D

I'll give every song posted a fair shot and hopefully expand my playlist by a lot.

**Please note: I'm not big on American music, I like Kpop, Jpop, Vocaloid, Anime Soundtracks, Jrock, Nightcore, ect.So try to keep the AT40 to a minimum if possible xD**

**Another note: if you suggest Justin Beiber, MLP or something equally stupid the gods of music will take away your hearing for the rest of your life. Don't do it if you value listening to music!**
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