My Introduction
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Hello Crunchyroll Gents,

I've signed up with Crunchyroll a few weeks ago and thought it would be nice to start of with a self introduction

My name is Iby and I do live in Australia, I am very happy to sign up with Crunchyroll as they do fill my heart with their Anime and Dramas, I do hope to see a lot more new series coming out.

My favorite anime so far would be Gintama & Bleach since I do watch very little Anime.

I'm hoping you guys might throw me out few of your favourite Animes, Dramas and recommend me something to watch !

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You forgot the ladies >:(
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Hunter x Hunter is amazing. For all tastes.

Ixion Saga DT: If you can appreciate satire then this one is a must watch.

Sket-dance: Has funny moments and emotional ones too.

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I just yawned.
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My hand? YOUR FACE
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Welcome to CR.

Here is a thread for new users' self introduction

Introductions - New users, introduce yourselves here!

For anime recommendation, here is the thread

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For Drama Recommendation, here is the thread

Recommend/tell Your Favorite Asian Drama/Movie

To avoid creating duplicate thread, please use the search thread function. Thanks ^-^
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