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In need of anime rpg's, please feed meeeee xD
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Posted 4/9/13 , edited 4/10/13
You got catherine, thats an anime style game, not an rpg, but its an ok game!^^
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Posted 4/14/13 , edited 4/15/13
Here are some that I have had:

1) Enchanted Arms

Old, but fun strategy-based RPG

2) Final Fantasy XIII-2

Was okay.
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Posted 5/2/13 , edited 5/2/13
infinite undiscovery
the last remenant
star ocean
amazing jrpgs:
blue dragon - mistwalker game with toriyama as character designer it a must play for jrpg fans
lost odessey - one of the best rpgs ever created for me it has one of the deepest storys and incredible character development for all characters.
tales of vesperia
eternal sonata
resonance of fate - very good strategic game but prepare to die alot and learn from mistakes
final fantasy 13/ 13-2

enchanted arms - nice turn based battles but really bad story
magna carta 2 - the talking parts are way too long and boring and are often just still scenes of characters wilth text which is voiced
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Posted 5/3/13 , edited 5/3/13

AngelicDroid wrote:

How about Record of Agarest War.

I just picked this up. I usually try to get all my jrpgs on the PS3 but the 360 was the console that got a physical copy release while PS3 was digital download only... where's the marketing genius in that?

Posted 5/6/13 , edited 5/6/13
Tales of Vesperia
Catherine (Kind of has it's RPG moments)
And Persona 4 Arena that is due out soon.

I wish the next Tales game was coming out on 360/720 (whatever the next gen Xbox will be called)
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Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/9/13
If you're up for a great challenge, and I do mean a challenge, then you should definitely pick up dark souls and put over 200 hours on that game. It isn't anime based but it is an RPG and my favorite game ever. It is hard so only play if you are good at video games and don't mind having to persevere to get that amazing feeling of gratification[/blue].
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Posted 5/11/13 , edited 5/11/13
I cannot recommend the Tales of series enough. Tales of Vesperia is easily one of my favorite RPGs out there. The story initially seems very strong but the game really shines with it's battle mechanics (which isnt like the traditional RPG) and the way the characters interact with one another.

A more recent addition to the Tales series is Tales of Graces ƒ, only available on the PS3, and is also fun but imo isnt as solid as Vesperia. Still all the Tales games are quite enjoyable.

The only other anime RPG I can really recommend is Xenogears except thats on the PS1/PS3. Not to be confused with Xenosaga.
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Posted 5/25/13 , edited 5/25/13
Its gonna be hard to find anime rpgs if you don't have a Japanese Xbox, but there are some good jrpgs. You can try out Dragon's Dogma. If your a Naruto fan, there's some older ones on the 360 that's rpg style, not like the storm series.
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Posted 6/4/13 , edited 6/4/13
My 2 favourite 360 RPGs are Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey both of them had me gripped form the get go.

Blue Dragon is a lot more kiddy and light hearted but never the less I really enjoyed it.
Lost Odyssey was a truly gripping game, and even brought a tear to my eye at points, being a massive Final Fantasy fan boy, it was awesome to play something that i enjoyed as much as FF7 and FF8.

That being said my all time favourite game let alone RPG is the .Hack series, I know it was a PS2 game and in 4 parts but wow did i love that game
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Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/4/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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